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File Format
Name Coinye
Released 2014

Coinye (or Coinye West, or CoinyeCoin) is yet another electronic currency that might be just a joke or might become something real, like Dogecoin. (The whole genre is sprouting up in the wake of the success of Bitcoin.) This one's claim to fame is that it is named in a punny reference to Kanye West, whose own claim to fame is for saying George W. Bush doesn't like black people, interrupting Taylor Swift at an awards show, and getting Kim Kardashian pregnant (well, he also did some singing between that stuff). However, nobody asked Mr. West before using his name on this project, which prompted some legal trouble. Despite the "Coinye is here to stay" headline on one of the articles linked below, it is possibly defunct or at least moribund, though the original URL that's now a parking page has given way to a different one that's still live.


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