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File Format
Name Chuck E. Cheese File
Extension(s) .cec
Released 1997


FileInfo Excerpt

What is a CEC file?

A CEC file is an upgrade file used by Studio C Alpha, the animatronic late-night talk show installation found at some Chuck E. Cheese restaurants starting in 1997. It is used to reconfigure how Studio C Alpha's lights and animatronic character behave. Typically, CEC files are stored on Chuck E. Cheese-branded floppy disks, which shipped alongside laserdiscs and DVDs that contained new Studio C Alpha video content.

More Information

Studio C Alpha was a Chuck E. Cheese attraction that featured an animatronic version of Chuck E. Cheese hosting a late-night talk show. In addition to the animatronic version of Mr. Cheese, Studio C Alpha featured lights, sounds, and video content, such as guest interviews.

Intermittently, Chuck E. Cheese would change the content that played in Studio C Alpha. To reprogram how the attraction's animatronic character and lights behaved, a staff member would install upgrade files stored on a floppy disk. Some of these upgrade files were saved as CEC files. Eventually, both the upgrade and video content used to change how Studio C Alpha behaved were stored on USB flash drives.

How do I open a CEC file?

While not much is known about CEC files, they appear to be text-based files. As such, you may be able to open them and view their contents in a text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad (Windows) or Apple TextEdit (Mac).


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