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File Format
Name char16_t
Released 2011

C++ char16_t is guaranteed to never use less bits than char and to be no less than 16 bits wide. This means that it can successfully store any UCS-2 character value.

Character literal must use single quotes preceding with the letter u. It is also possible to use octal or hexadecimal representation to produce literals. Here is an example;

char16_t c1 = u'ё';
char16_t = u'ab';
char16_t = u'\123';
char16_t = u'\xA9';

char16_t is considered to be enumerable (thus you can use characters in constructs like switch).

Other C++ data types storing symbols

  • char no less than 8 bits, one byte.
  • char32_t no less than 32 bits, no less than char16_t
  • wchar_t whatever the largest block of addressable memory happens to be on the system
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