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File Format
Name Amiga Module
Extension(s) .mod
PRONOM fmt/716

The various subformats of the Amiga Module audio format are used in programs for the Amiga including FastTracker, Falcon Startrekker, ProTracker, TakeTracker, and FastTracker. This document discusses an IFF FORM MODL format that's apparently used in ProTracker 3.01b, as well as an IFF FORM TRKR format. Perhaps these are related?



Ultimate Soundtracker, which introduced the module file format, uses a somewhat different format from the more modern versions of the format. A summary of the differences can be found here.

File format tags

In addition to the standard 4-channel MOD, there are a number of extensions to the MOD format supporting various numbers of channels. These modules can be identified by means of the file format tag at offset 1080.

Tag / Identification
Tag Identification
M.K. Standard 4-channel module
2CHN 2-channel FastTracker module
6CHN 6-channel FastTracker module
8CHN 8-channel FastTracker module
CD81 8-channel Falcon module
FLT4 4-channel Startrekker module
FLT8 8-channel Startrekker module
M!K! >64 pattern ProTracker module
OCTA 8-channel module
TDZx 1, 2 or 3-channel TakeTracker module
xCHN 5, 7 or 9-channel TakeTracker module
xxCH 10, 12... 32-channel FastTracker module
xxCH 11, 13 or 15-channel TakeTracker module

Grave Composer / Mod's Grave produces a variation on the standard 8-channel module, but uses the "M.K." identifier rather than "8CHN". See Grave Composer module for more information.

Sample files


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