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File Format
Name Ableton Live
Extension(s) .adg, .adp, .adv, .agr, .alc, .alp, .als, .ams, .amxd, .asd, .ask
Released 2001



Ableton Live is an audio production workstation for Windows and OS X. As the name suggests, the emphasis of the software is on live musical performance.

Live uses a range of proprietary formats to store audio files and playback information.


Ableton Device Group

Ableton Device Group (.adg) files hold preset data for Racks (chains of instruments, audio / MIDI effects, etc.).

Ableton Device Preset

Ableton Device Preset (.adp) files hold preset data for individual devices (instruments, effects, etc.).

Ableton Groove File

Ableton Groove Files (.agr) are used to modify the timing and "feel" of audio and MIDI clips. According to the Using Grooves section of the manual, these can be essentially converted to and from MIDI clips.

Ableton Live Clip

Ableton Live Clip (.alc) files contain references to audio samples (in WAV or AIFF format) used for a specific clip, along with FX and channel settings where appropriate (according to this forum thread)

Ableton Live Pack

Ableton Live Pack (.alp) contain packs of content (samples, loops, presets) or packed Ableton Live Set files.

Sample Files

Ableton Live Set

Ableton Live Set (.als) files contain the layout of a set (tracks, devices, audio clips, etc.) created using the Ableton Live audio production software. The format appears to vary significantly between major releases and sometimes even between minor releases (Live 8.1 introduces a new file format!).

As of release 8.2.1, .als files appear to consist of a Gzipped XML file



  • AATranslator claims to be able to convert Ableton Live 8 .als files. (Windows, commercial)
  • guard-live-set converts Ableton Live Set files to XML as they are saved, allowing the use of version control systems such as Git or Subversion

Ableton Meta Sound

Ableton Meta Sound (.ams) files contain data relating to a microtonal, additive synthesis waveform. They are simply TXT text files with the extension .ams, and contain no audio data as such.



Ableton Max for Live Device

Ableton Max for Live Device (.amxd) files contain custom instruments and effects created in the Max visual programming language


Sample Files


Ableton Warp Analysis

Ableton Warp Analysis (.asd) files contain information about analyzed audio data, including warp marker positions.


Ableton Skin File

Ableton Skin Files (.ask) contain data relating to the colours used in Ableton Live's GUI.



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