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File Format
Name 3M Printscape
Extension(s) .std, .psc
PRONOM fmt/1275, fmt/1276
Type Code PSdF
Wikidata ID Q73675958
Released 2000

3M Printscape software was included for free with many paper, label packages for home desktop design and printing. The first version of the software was made by Surething software while the second version of the software was made by a different vendor and was coded from scratch.

"Version 2.0 of 3M Printscape(tm) Software was developed to make it easy for you to design and print on 3M Printscape(tm) Products. If you have Version 1.0, 1.01 or 1.5 of 3M Printscape(tm) Software, you do not have to uninstall this software before installing Version 2.0. Version 2.0 will not write over an earlier version. If you have saved any designs from earlier versions, you will not be able to open them in Version 2.0 because the applications are completely different. We, therefore, recommend that you keep both the earlier version and Version 2.0 on your computer."

File Identification

3M Printscape version 1.0 through 1.5 has extension .STD which is compatible with current surething project software.

The first four bytes are hex values 4D 56 00 FF

3M Printscape version 2 has extension .PSC

The first two bytes are hex values 49 49 or 4D 4D with the ascii text 3M Printscape starting at byte 298.

Creator Code is "3MPs"




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