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3D Fax logo

3D Fax (also 3DFax) is a Windows program, developed for InfoImaging Technologies by sister Israeli company Fontech in the mid-1990s, for file transfer via fax (FTF). The program encodes a file into an InfoImage, which the user would then print and send via a fax machine or transmit directly from the computer using a fax modem. The recipient would then scan the transmitted image or receive it via a fax modem, and use 3D Fax to decode it back to its original binary form.

  • v1.0 - 40kB per sheet of paper
  • v2.0 - up to 110kB per sheet of paper

Downloads for versions 1.5 and 2.5 (different formats) can be found on the archived product page

Further developed into INTACTA.CODE


  • In 1987 Oded Kafri invented the random grids which were utilized for 'Visual encryption' and later for printing binary data on papers (which is the basis of the two-dimensional barcode)
  • Software developed by Fontech Ltd. based in Beer Sheva, Israel to sell to the Israeli government to provide a way of securely sending data via fax
  • Fontech Fax-O-File originally licensed to AT&T as Surity
  • started InfoImaging Technologies, Inc. in 1994 in California (originally Palo Alto, then later Pleasanton) after winning Most Innovative Product at the 1993 CeBit for 3D Fax File
  • Rebranded/continued as INTACTA.CODE in 1997

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