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File Format
Name Greenstreet Publisher
Extension(s) .dtp
PRONOM fmt/1416

Greenstreet software is a UK based company created from a merger of GST Technology and eGames Europe in 2001[1]. Greenstreet Publisher uses the same DTP engine as many other products based on Timeworks Publisher and PageMagic by NEBS.


FIle Identification

Greenstreet Publisher uses the .DTP extension, the file format is a OLE2 Microsoft Compound File. Within the container is a "Contents" file which has the magic number 44 54 50 49 or DTPI in ascii. This is the same structure as the old Timeworks Publisher format.

File Compatibility

According to BMSoftware [2], Greenstreet Publisher 3 is compatible with many other GST Technology software titles:

"This product is a full file compatible application upgrading GST ( N.America)-1st Press, Pressworks 2, Pressworks 2.5, Press International, GSP-Pressworks 2.03, Pressworks 2.51, Instant Home Publisher, greenstreet-Publisher 2, Fuji-Publisher, IMSI TurboPublisher 1.0, TurboPublisher2.5, Media Graphics-Publishers Paradise Page Express, Micro Vision-Vision Publisher 4, NEBS-PageMagic 1 & 2, PersonalSoft-Publications, Pushbutton-Publish, Softkey-Publisher DOS v 1 & 2, Sybex-Page, Timeworks-Publisher, Publish-It, Publish-It Lite, VCI-Pro Publisher, Wizardworks-CompuWorks, Publisher 1 & 2. All trademarks acknowledged. " Also Canon Publishing Suite 3.1[3]

Software & Sample Files


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