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(Services NOT included in takeout)
(Services NOT included in takeout)
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*Teachable Machine Data
*Teachable Machine Data
*Management-related data (cpu usage, etc)
*Management-related data (cpu usage, etc)
*Find my mobile location data
* Google drive and workplace settings
*Recently permanently deleted data
*Recently permanently deleted data
*Possibly more…
*Possibly more…

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File Format
Name Google Takeout
Google Takeout is a Google service that provides an archived copy of data associated with a Google account (an account on all Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and more).

[edit] Discussion

ArchiveTeam HIGHLY recommends taking out your primary school (Elementary, middle, high) when you complete it.

  1. Nostalgia - checking your old work
  2. Future use - Colleges and businesses might need old work.
  3. Personal data - Sometimes you store non-school files on school services, or you do non-school things during school.

[edit] Takeout

Google Takeout offers a near complete backup of your data straight from the cloud. Please send feedback to google if you realize something’s missing.

Note: please enable: Access log activity and click the gear icon in google drive and tick the 2 boxes for the maximum amount of data.

[edit] Services NOT included in takeout

  • Android Google Drive Backups
  • Feedburner data (go to the feedburner website to export it yourself)
  • Google drive WhatsApp backups, pretty much the same deal as iCloud WhatsApp Backups
  • Chrome canvas data
  • Feedback made by the icon
  • Google custom search engine data
  • Google Alerts data
  • Google 9-square launcher icon configuration
  • Google drive "private app data"
  • Google Scholar data
  • Teachable Machine Data
  • Management-related data (cpu usage, etc)
  • Find my mobile location data
  • Google drive and workplace settings
  • Recently permanently deleted data
  • Possibly more…
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