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File Format
Name Freedom of Press
Extension(s) .001, .fop, others
Released ≤1988

Freedom of Press was an application for interpreting and rasterizing PostScript files. It was developed by a company named Custom Applications. This article describes its native raster graphics format.


A Freedom of Press raster "file" consists of two files: a text-based file named info.* containing image attributes, and another file usually named output.* containing the raw bitmap. The two filenames have the same extension, which can be anything, but is usually .001, .002, etc.

Format details

Here is an example of an info file, as produced by Image Alchemy:

Information about OUTPUT.001 for device Raster-BW-1bit
 72.000000 : X resolution
 72.000000 : Y resolution
1 : bits per color
1 : colors per pixel
0040 : bytes per scan line
00001 : First scanline
00200 : Last scanline


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