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* [[Wikipedia:Cabinet (file format)|Wikipedia article]]
* [[Wikipedia:Cabinet (file format)|Wikipedia article]]
* [ Discussion of CAB file size limits]
* [ Discussion of CAB file size limits]
* [ ForensicsWiki entry] (minimal details, already included here)

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File Format
Name Cabinet
Extension(s) .cab
MIME Type(s) application/
PRONOM x-fmt/414
Released 1995
"CAB" redirects here. For another CAB format, see InstallShield CAB.

Cabinet (CAB) is a compressed archive format created by Microsoft and used in various installers. Among its several compression formats is LZX, a format co-created by Jonathan Forbes, who was hired by Microsoft after co-creating the format in an independent archiver, and contributed it to Microsoft for use in their products.

The PUZ format used by Microsoft Publisher for its "Pack and Go" feature is a Cabinet file with a .puz extension, containing the Publisher document and its external links.

The Windows Installer (.msi) format is more-or-less the successor to this format.


[edit] Identification

Files begin with the ASCII signature "MSCF".

[edit] Software

[edit] Sample files

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