4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite

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File Format
Name 4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite
Extension(s) .hit
Released 2001

4t HIT Mail Privacy Lite by 4t Niagara Software is a Win32 steganography program that hides up to 256 characters in a BMP and encrypts it with a password.

It reads a large variety of formats (jpg, gif, tga, eps, png, tif, wmf), but converts them all to one of three variants of bmp:

  • straight bmp
  • bmp in a zip file
  • bmp in a zip file with the extension .hit

The .hit extension is associated with the program so you can open the files and be prompted for a password by double-clicking them (defeating the point of steganography, which is that no one realizes there is secret data in the first place).


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