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File Format
Name Simply 3D
Extension(s) .s3d
Released 1996?[1]

Simply 3D Project is the project format of Micrografx Simply 3D, a program that lets users position 3D models, lights, text, etc., and make a picture, animation, or VRML file. Model files can be in the Simply 3D Geometry (.ged) or DXF formats (the help text of v. 2.0 warns against opening 2D DXF models). Renderize project files can also be imported as full projects.

The predecessor of Simply 3D appears to have been Instant 3D, and it claims to be able to read one the Instant 3D project formats (see that page for details).

Simply 3D comes with several "catalogs" of models, in what is has been here called the Simply 3D catalog format.


Simply 3D projects may start with D0 CF 11 E0. A test file created with version 2.0 contains the ASCII text "Simply 3D" near the end.



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