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File Format
Name TSComp
Extension(s) .??$, .lib, .cmp, others
Wikidata ID Q105851559
Released ≤1991

TSComp is the informal name of a compressed archive format used by some versions of the InstallShield installation software by The Stirling Group. It is also supported by a DOS utility named The Stirling Compressor. It uses PKWARE DCL Implode compression.



For single-file archives, often the last letter of the filename extension is changed to "$". Sometimes an exclamation mark is used instead of the dollar sign, which appears to be the case when an archive with $ as the last name character already exists. For multi-file archives, the most common extensions seem to be .lib and .cmp. Many archives of this type have no suffix but $ as last character of file name. A few contain only a single file instead of several files.


Files begin with bytes: 65 5D 13 8C 08 01. At offset 8 the filename style byte is stored. The value 1 means without wildcard. This is typically the case for the single variant. The value 2 means with wildcard. This is the case for the other variant.


Sample files

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