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== Software ==
== Software ==
* [[Konvertor]]
* [[XnView]]
* [[XnView]]
* [ SDSC Image Tools]
* [ SDSC Image Tools]

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File Format
Name Sun TAAC image
Extension(s) .iff, .suniff, .taac, .vff

Sun TAAC image is an uncompressed raster image file format. It supports (at least) paletted, RGB, and RGBA images.

It is also known as VFF (Visualization File Format), or Sun IFF. It is not related to IFF (Interchange File Format).


[edit] Format

Files have a plain text header in the form of name=value pairs. The end of the header is marked by a form feed character (0x0c). The binary pixel data follows.

[edit] Identification

Files begin with a signature: the ASCII string "ncaa".

[edit] Software

[edit] Editors' notes

We have not found any documentation about this format. The SDSC Image Tools software lists "Sun-Taac User Manual, Volume Rendering Package, Sun Microsystems" as a reference.

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