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File Format
Name RF64
Extension(s) .wav, .rf64
PRONOM fmt/712, fmt/713
Wikidata ID Q3928266

RF64 is an extended variant of BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), which is in turn a variant of WAV. It is a multichannel audio file format designed to remove size restrictions on earlier formats to allow files over 4 GB.

Format Information

The approach adopted is to define a new 64-bit based Resource Interchange File Format called RF64 that is identical to the original RIFF/WAVE format, except for the following changes:

  • The ID ‘RF64’ is used instead of ‘RIFF’ in the first four bytes of the file
  • A mandatory ‘ds64’ (data size 64) chunk is added, which has to be the first chunk after the “RF64 chunk”.
  • The ‘ds64’ chunk has three mandatory 64-bit integer values, which replace three 32-bit fields of the RIFF/WAVE format:
    • riffSize (replaces the RIFF size field)
    • dataSize (replaces the size field of the ‘data’ chunk)
    • sampleCount (replaces the sample count value in the ‘fact’ chunk)


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