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File Format
Name Oracle database error messages

Please see Oracle database error message

Code Message
ORA-48131 error encountered when attempting to tell the file position
ORA-48132 requested file lock is busy, [string] [string]
ORA-48133 file descriptor has already been opened [string] [string]
ORA-48134 invalid file descriptor state for operation, string, string, string
ORA-48135 uninitialized file descriptor
ORA-48136 directory already exists [string]
ORA-48137 uninitialized file handle
ORA-48138 invalid directory name input for client address
ORA-48139 invalid input to ADR initialization routine
ORA-48140 the specified ADR Base directory does not exist [string]
ORA-48141 error creating directory during ADR initialization [string]
ORA-48142 invalid permissions input for change permissions
ORA-48143 error changing permissions for a file
ORA-48144 error encounted while performing standard file I/O
ORA-48145 invalid seek location, [string], [string]
ORA-48146 missing read, write, or exec permission on directory during ADR initialization [string] [string]
ORA-48147 invalid home location specification for ADR, [string], [string], [string]
ORA-48148 error encountered when attempting to move a file
ORA-48149 error encountered when attempting to copy a file
ORA-48150 error encountered with set current working directory
ORA-48151 error getting operating system time for a file
ORA-48152 lock table is full
ORA-48153 error encountered when getting ADR base directory default
ORA-48154 reached end of file for alert log
ORA-48155 error encountered when read alert log [string]
ORA-48156 Alert log purge has occurred - retry operation
ORA-48157 null input to ADR initialization
ORA-48158 invalid input for ADR base directory
ORA-48159 invalid input for ADR product type
ORA-48160 invalid input for ADR product id
ORA-48161 invalid input for ADR instance id
ORA-48162 string buffer too small to hold input, [string], [string], [string]
ORA-48163 error concatenating directory onto path, [string], [string], [string]
ORA-48164 error concatenating file onto path, [string], [string], [string]
ORA-48165 user missing read, write, or exec permission on specified ADR Base directory [string]
ORA-48166 error with opening ADR block file because file does not exist [string] [string]
ORA-48167 invalid argument for checking ADR initialization
ORA-48168 the ADR sub-system is not initialized
ORA-48169 incorrect arguments to ADR deferred initialization
ORA-48170 unable to lock file - already in use
ORA-48171 unable to get share lock - file not readable
ORA-48172 unable to find a valid ADR base
ORA-48173 error checking directory existence during ADR initialization [string]
ORA-48174 error encountered with get current working directory
ORA-48175 the path name must not contain the string '..'.
ORA-48176 error translating a path name into its full path name
ORA-48177 file name with full path information [string] not allowed
ORA-48178 error encountered while reading an ADR block file during ADR initialization [string]
ORA-48179 OS file synchronization failure
ORA-48180 OS open system call failure
ORA-48181 OS write system call failure
ORA-48182 OS read system call failure
ORA-48183 OS close system call failure
ORA-48184 OS seek system call failure
ORA-48185 OS file size system call failure
ORA-48186 OS check file exists system call failure
ORA-48187 specified directory does not exist
ORA-48188 user missing read, write, or exec permission on specified directory
ORA-48189 OS command to create directory failed
ORA-48190 OS unlink system call failure
ORA-48191 user missing read or write permission on specified file
ORA-48192 OS command to move a file failed
ORA-48193 OS command to open a directory failed
ORA-48194 OS command to close a directory failed
ORA-48195 OS command to remove a directory failed
ORA-48196 OS command to release advisory lock failed
ORA-48197 OS command to get the file status failed
ORA-48198 OS command to change the file permissions failed
ORA-48199 OS command to copy a file failed
ORA-48200 Illegal Input Argument [string]
ORA-48201 Field Length Exceeds Maximum [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48202 Illegal Identifier [string] [string]
ORA-48203 Illegal Data Type [string]
ORA-48204 Illegal Identifier Length [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48205 Record Length too Big [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48206 Ilegal Number of Fields [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48207 Illegal Field Name [string]
ORA-48208 Duplicate Field Names [string]
ORA-48209 Relation Already Exists
ORA-48210 Relation Not Found
ORA-48211 Illegal Access Mode [string] [string]
ORA-48212 Open Record Access Not Done
ORA-48213 Incorrect Access Mode for Operation [string] [string]
ORA-48214 Sequence Overflow [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48215 Sequence Invalid Operation [string] [string]
ORA-48216 Field Len Exceeds Max Field Length [string] [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48217 Out of Space on Device
ORA-48218 Duplicate Key Name [string] [string]
ORA-48219 Key Name Doesn't Match Any Existing Key
ORA-48220 Too Many Keys Defined [string] [string]
ORA-48221 Key Exceeds Maximum Allowed Length [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48222 Predicates/Order By Not Allowed
ORA-48223 Interrupt Requested - Fetch Aborted - Return Code [string] [string]
ORA-48224 DDL has occurred since parse - reparse [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48225 No More Space in Order By Buffer
ORA-48226 No Fetch in Progress
ORA-48227 Invalid Relation File - [string] [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48228 Missing Define Call [string]
ORA-48229 Invalid Relation Handle Provided [string] [string]
ORA-48230 Expression arguments must match types
ORA-48231 Predicate syntax error
ORA-48232 Debug command syntax error [string]
ORA-48233 Invalid Field Handle [string] [string] [string]
ORA-48238 Invalid Surrogate Length Specified [string] [string]
ORA-48239 Invalid Predicate Handle Provided [string] [string]
ORA-48240 Field is NOT NULL but NULL value supplied
ORA-48242 Fields that are NOT NULL can not use surrogates
ORA-48243 Additional Fields must be declared nulls allowed
ORA-48244 Purge for Retention can't be called while in an Query
ORA-48245 Attempt to Update/Delete when at EOF
ORA-48246 Illegal Operation on External Relation
ORA-48247 Predicate Conversion Error string
ORA-48248 Function string type check error; ityp = string typ = string arg = string
ORA-48251 Failed to open relation due to following error
ORA-48252 Relation does not require migration
ORA-48258 AMS Corrupt Page Found - Rebuild Relation
ORA-48259 AMS Relation not Created Correctly
ORA-48260 Function string not found
ORA-48262 Sequence references not allowed in predicates
ORA-48263 Currval not set yet - use nextval
ORA-48265 Incorrect number of arguments (string) provided - expected (string)
ORA-48291 Field name string can't be unique resolved
ORA-48292 Can't use outer join syntax mixed with inner join syntax
ORA-48293 Outer join syntax not allowed without a join
ORA-48300 Incident Record Already Exists
ORA-48301 An Invalid Incident ID was specified
ORA-48302 Incident Directory does not exist
ORA-48303 Exceeded max Incident Sequence Value
ORA-48304 incident staging file not found
ORA-48305 incident ID range is too large
ORA-48309 illegal incident state transition, [string] to [string]
ORA-48310 Incident string staging file not found
ORA-48311 Invalid field name [string]
ORA-48312 Sweep incident string staging file failed
ORA-48313 Updates not allowed on ADR relation [string] of Version=string
ORA-48314 Invalid ADR Control parameter [string]
ORA-48315 ADR unavailable
ORA-48316 relation [string] unavailable or cannot be created
ORA-48317 ADR Relation [string] of version=string is obsolete
ORA-48318 ADR Relation [string] of version=string cannot be supported
ORA-48319 Update operation on ADR relation [string] not allowed
ORA-48320 Too many incidents to report
ORA-48321 ADR Relation [string] not found
ORA-48322 Relation [string] of ADR V[string] incompatible with V[string] tool
ORA-48323 Specified pathname [string] must be inside current ADR home
ORA-48324 Incompatible staging file encountered
ORA-48339 view [string] does not exist
ORA-48340 operation not supported on view [string]
ORA-48341 Field [string] not a grouping field
ORA-48342 Field [string] cannot be mixed with string fields
ORA-48343 invalid field [string] reference in string clause
ORA-48344 Invalid Name [string] specified
ORA-48345 Timeout encountered during operation
ORA-48400 ADRCI initialization failed
ORA-48401 SET command requires arguments
ORA-48402 Variable is not defined
ORA-48403 DEFINE or UNDEFINE command has no arguments
ORA-48404 RUN or @ command has no arguments
ORA-48405 The option in the command is invalid
ORA-48406 ECHO or TERMOUT status must be set to ON or OFF
ORA-48407 DESCRIBE and QUERY commands need at least relation name argument
ORA-48408 The incident number exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48409 The ADR homes exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48410 The trace path exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48411 The trace files exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48412 The parameters exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48413 The number of orderby fields exceeds maximum number [string]
ORA-48414 The string in the execution option exceeds maximum length [string]
ORA-48415 Syntax error found in string [string] at column [string]
ORA-48419 Illegal arguments
ORA-48421 Predicate string in the command must be single or double quoted
ORA-48423 IMPORT command must have a filename
ORA-48424 SHOW TRACE command needs argument
ORA-48426 The initialization filename is too long
ORA-48428 Input command string exceeds max length [string]
ORA-48429 Variable name [string] is an invalid identifier
ORA-48431 Must specify at least one ADR home path
ORA-48432 The ADR home path [string] is not valid
ORA-48433 Unknown help topic
ORA-48434 No DDE commands are input
ORA-48435 Input a trace file
ORA-48436 File [string] does not exist
ORA-48437 No IPS commands are input
ORA-48438 [string] is not a valid number
ORA-48439 The input path name exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48440 Variable [string] is already defined
ORA-48441 The function parameter number exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48442 The control parameter number exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48443 Trace Record type appears in the middle of the path
ORA-48444 The single "." and "*" cannot appear in the middle of the path
ORA-48445 Path expression only supports one bucket dump type
ORA-48446 The command needs path input
ORA-48447 The input path [string] does not contain any ADR homes
ORA-48448 This command does not support multiple ADR homes
ORA-48449 Tail alert can only apply to single ADR home
ORA-48457 ADRCI core dumped
ORA-48458 "show incident" failed due to the following errors
ORA-48459 "describe" command only supports one ADR home path
ORA-48460 The home path [string] is not valid
ORA-48461 "describe" failed due to the following errors
ORA-48462 Fatal error encountered in [string]
ORA-48463 The value buffer reached the maximum length [string]
ORA-48464 The predicate buffer reached the maximum length [string]
ORA-48465 The specified type [string] is undefined
ORA-48466 Internal failure, the report context is not initialized
ORA-48467 "string" for the keyword "string" is not a valid number
ORA-48468 "string" is not a valid keyword
ORA-48469 Keyword "string" cannot be duplicated
ORA-48470 Unknown "string" command
ORA-48472 Invalid product name
ORA-48473 Internal failure, unknown return code [string]
ORA-48474 Syntax error specifying product, must not be NULL
ORA-48475 [string] is not a valid timestamp
ORA-48476 Cannot write the results out to a file, please check if the environment variable TMPDIR is set or the current directory is not writable
ORA-48477 The input path does not contain any valid ADR homes
ORA-48478 No alert messages are created
ORA-48479 No HM runs are created
ORA-48480 No incidents are created
ORA-48481 Report is not available
ORA-48482 Report is not generated
ORA-48483 Spooling failed, it may be because the spool file cannot be created due to a permission issue
ORA-48484 Run script failed, it may be because the script file does not exist
ORA-48485 The file exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48486 The file [string] exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48487 The internal predicate string exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48488 The predicate string exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48489 The input exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48490 The field number exceeds the maximum number [string]
ORA-48491 The program name is too long, exceeds the maximum length [string]
ORA-48492 The report component name is not defined
ORA-48493 Sweep command needs parameters
ORA-48494 ADR home is not set, the corresponding operation cannot be done
ORA-48495 Interrupt requested
ORA-48496 "string" is a mandatory keyword for the command
ORA-48497 "string" is an invalid product type
ORA-48499 The value of the keyword "string" exceeds the maximum length string
ORA-48500 File Write Error [string] [string]
ORA-48501 File Read Error [string] [string]
ORA-48502 Invalid Command Line - Missing Required Elements
ORA-48503 Invalid Parameter Specified
ORA-48504 Relation Parameter Must be Specified
ORA-48505 File Parameter Must be Specified
ORA-48506 Existing Relation at different version than export [string] [string]
ORA-48507 Predicate Not Allowed during Import
ORA-48508 Export File Version [string] Can Not be Used by Import [string]
ORA-48509 Error occurred during operation. See the following errors
ORA-48510 Can not export an in memory relation
ORA-48600 HM run with name [string] already exists
ORA-48615 Parameter [string] value not specified
ORA-48800 "string" for the keyword "string" is not in the right format of timestamp
ORA-48801 The option "string" is duplicated
ORA-48802 The options "string" and "string" are mutual exclusive
ORA-48803 The keyword "string" is not defined for this command
ORA-48804 The command needs at least one file input
ORA-48805 BEGIN BACKUP issued already - must do an END BACKUP first
ORA-48806 Unknown Function Reference (string)
ORA-48900 Illegal Input Argument [string]
ORA-48906 Parser context is not valid
ORA-48907 The end of file is reached
ORA-48908 No trace files are found
ORA-48909 Scan context is not initialized
ORA-48912 The specified trace filename is too long
ORA-48913 Writing into trace file failed, file size limit [string] reached
ORA-48914 File position is not in right format
ORA-48928 The predicate exceeds the max limit string
ORA-48929 The trace record size exceeded the max size that can be read [string]
ORA-48930 Cannot allocate memory for processing traces
ORA-48934 invalid input for the file name identifier
ORA-48936 The number of relations exceeds maximum number [string]
ORA-48937 Feature (string) currently not allowed for SELECT
ORA-48938 View select column count differs from select alias list
ORA-48939 Select * not allowed in a CREATE VIEW
ORA-49315 Invalid incident type specified [string]
ORA-49404 No such package [string]
ORA-49405 Cannot change package name [string] [string]
ORA-49406 Undefined configuration parameter specified [string]
ORA-49407 No unpacking history in this home
ORA-49408 Invalid home specified [string]
ORA-49409 Incremental package provided when complete expected
ORA-49410 Not an IPS package
ORA-49412 Package ID does not match existing ID [string] [string]
ORA-49413 Package name does not match existing name [string] [string]
ORA-49414 Package sequence later than expected [string] [string]
ORA-49415 Package sequence earlier than expected [string] [string]
ORA-49416 Earlier package sequence applied with FORCE option [string] [string]
ORA-49417 Cannot modify already generated package
ORA-49420 Package too large [string] [string]
ORA-49421 Maximum number of package files generated [string]
ORA-49423 File outside ADR not allowed
ORA-49424 Directory outside ADR not allowed
ORA-49425 File inside ADR not allowed
ORA-49426 Directory inside ADR not allowed
ORA-49427 No such file or file not accessible [string]
ORA-49428 No such directory or directory not accessible [string]
ORA-49429 File already exists and OVERWRITE option not specified [string]
ORA-49430 No such problem [string]
ORA-49431 No such incident [string]
ORA-49432 Problem not part of package [string]
ORA-49433 Incident not part of package [string]
ORA-49434 Invalid date format
ORA-49435 Flood-controlled incident not allowed here [string]
ORA-49436 Date conversion error [string]
ORA-49440 Warnings while unpacking package, details in file string
ORA-49441 Warnings while finalizing package, details in file string
ORA-49450 Non-zero return code from archiving utility [string] [string]
ORA-49451 Archive file structure error [string] [string]
ORA-49452 Archiving utility out of memory [string] [string]
ORA-49453 Invalid command invoking archiving utility [string] [string]
ORA-49454 Archive is missing or empty [string] [string]
ORA-49455 Archive I/O failed [string] [string]
ORA-49456 Operation failed due to insufficient disk space [string] [string]
ORA-49601 syntax error: found "string": expecting one of: "string" etc..
ORA-51001 check [string] not found in HM catalog
ORA-51003 run parameters not formatted correctly
ORA-51004 Check doesn't take any input params
ORA-51006 unexpected delimter ';' in the run params text
ORA-51007 parameter [string] not registered with this check
ORA-51008 parameter [string] value is not a proper number
ORA-51025 check name should be non NULL value
ORA-51035 invalid timeout value
ORA-51036 check [string] can only be executed in database instance
ORA-51037 check [string] can only be executed in ASM instance
ORA-51102 cannot change priority of a critical failure string
ORA-51103 cannot change priority of a closed failure string
ORA-51105 cannot change priority of a failure to CRITICAL
ORA-51106 check failed to complete due to an error. See error below
ORA-51107 failures are changing too rapidly - retry command
ORA-51108 unable to access diagnostic repository - retry command
ORA-51109 repair script file is too large
ORA-51110 buffer size [string] is too small - [string] is needed
ORA-51111 failure revalidation timed out
ORA-51190 Internal error [string], [string] from DBMS_IR
ORA-51191 Too many files opened
ORA-51192 File not open
ORA-51193 invalid parameter value
ORA-51303 illegal check mask value specified
ORA-51316 No check meta-data found on specified table string
ORA-51700 Invalid file URL
ORA-51701 Invalid file URL or path prefix
ORA-51702 Could not find file at URL provided
ORA-51703 Missing <body> tag from HTML
ORA-51704 Error string received from XPath engine
ORA-51705 XML string error: string "string"
ORA-53000 document type "string" is invalid
ORA-53001 <TAG> and <TAG_RANGE> tag values are null
ORA-53002 document name "string" already inserted
ORA-53003 document string does not exist
ORA-53004 The value of tag <VR> "string" is invalid.
ORA-53005 tag references found in document: string
ORA-53006 wild card characters are not allowed in <TAG_RANGE> tags
ORA-53007 The document type STANDARD_DICTIONARY is not loaded.
ORA-53008 The <NAMESPACE> tag value is not a registered schema.
ORA-53009 cannot find the <ROOT_ELEM_TAG> tag value in the metadata schema
ORA-53010 The value of the <VR> tag is null.
ORA-53011 cannot find the <MAPPED_ELEM> tag value in the metadata schema
ORA-53012 cannot find the <UNMAPPED_ELEM> tag value in the metadata schema
ORA-53013 cannot find the <ATTRIBUTE_TAG> value: string in the dictionaries
ORA-53014 The runtime preference table is not empty
ORA-53015 An internal dictionary attributes table is empty
ORA-53016 null input argument: string
ORA-53017 The installation file string has an incorrect document type
ORA-53018 document string contains an unsupported encrypt action attribute
ORA-53019 cannot delete installation document: string
ORA-53020 invalid external reference in the constraint document: string
ORA-53021 cannot insert a rule or macro string that was already inserted
ORA-53022 rules or macros in the constraint document string do not exist
ORA-53023 cannot delete or update a referenced rule or macro string
ORA-53024 error processing constraint document: string
ORA-53025 invalid constraint document: string
ORA-53026 failed to insert the constraint string to the database
ORA-53027 invalid invocation of a macro string that is partially defined
ORA-53031 unable to export or import data model: string
ORA-53032 The default preference document cannot be found.
ORA-53033 The default UID Definition document cannot be found.
ORA-53034 document string contains an unsupported action attribute
ORA-53035 The rows for the mapping document (string) do not exist.
ORA-53036 An internal table for the mapping document (string) is empty.
ORA-53037 invalid range tag, <START_TAG> string must be less than <END_TAG> string
ORA-53038 The data type name for tag: string cannot be found.
ORA-53039 user-defined preference document: string already exists
ORA-53040 user-defined UID definition document: string already exists
ORA-53041 The tag value for a replace action attribute is null.
ORA-53042 tag string is referenced by document: string
ORA-53043 tag string is referenced by unknown document
ORA-53044 invalid tag: string
ORA-53045 invalid tag: string
ORA-53046 tag: string collides with existing tag: string in document: string
ORA-53047 internal error: string
ORA-53048 definer name DICOM is not allowed in a private dictionary
ORA-53049 unsupported <ATTRIBUTE_TAG> tag value: string
ORA-53050 The data model is being edited by another user.
ORA-53051 no editDataModel session found
ORA-53052 lock release returned error: string
ORA-53053 lock request error: string
ORA-53054 An editDataModel session already exists.
ORA-53055 empty data model table
ORA-53056 unrecognized preference parameter name: string
ORA-53057 invalid preference parameter value: string
ORA-53058 The <ATTRIBUTE_TAG> value:string is not a simple tag.
ORA-53059 document name: string is too long
ORA-53060 string is not a standard attribute tag
ORA-53061 document name string contains reserved prefix - ORD
ORA-53062 invalid model name: string
ORA-53063 invalid exportOption: string
ORA-53064 no user-defined documents to export
ORA-53065 stored tag list document: string already exists
ORA-53066 invalid manifest file: string or directory: string
ORA-53067 validation failed for manifest file: string
ORA-53068 cannot import data model because user-defined documents exist
ORA-53069 doc version:string in string is not <= repos version:string
ORA-53070 manifest file:string does not contain all the Oracle documents
ORA-53071 tag: string from string is not listed in the stored tag list document
ORA-53072 even group number is not allowed in private tag: string
ORA-53073 invalid docSet: string
ORA-53074 namespace value is too long
ORA-53075 null ROOT_ELEM_TAG tag value
ORA-53100 The repository data model is in invalid state.
ORA-53111 The repository data model is not loaded.
ORA-53112 unable to load repository: string
ORA-53122 invalid document type : string
ORA-53124 cannot find VR number for data type: string
ORA-53125 invalid range tag: string
ORA-53126 assertion failure: string
ORA-53200 Argument string is null.
ORA-53201 Argument string is null or invalid.
ORA-53202 internal error, argument [string]
ORA-53203 security violation
ORA-53210 unable to read empty DICOM object
ORA-53211 unable to read invalid ORDDicom object
ORA-53212 unable to read invalid ORDImage object: attribute string is null
ORA-53213 cannot access DICOM data with invalid source type
ORA-53214 cannot access DICOM image data with invalid source type
ORA-53215 cannot access ORDDataSource object with invalid source type
ORA-53216 cannot export the ORDDataSource object with an external source
ORA-53217 The source LOB locator is null.
ORA-53230 unable to write to an invalid destination ORDDicom object
ORA-53231 unable to write to a nonlocal destination ORDDicom object
ORA-53232 unable to write to an invalid destination ORDImage object
ORA-53233 unable to write to a nonlocal destination ORDImage object
ORA-53234 The destination BLOB locator is null.
ORA-53250 Mapping document does not exist.
ORA-53251 Anonymity document does not exist.
ORA-53252 Constraint does not exist.
ORA-53253 The metadata for the new DICOM object is invalid.
ORA-53254 The SOP INSTANCE UID for the new DICOM object is invalid.
ORA-53255 cannot import from a null or invalid source type
ORA-53256 cannot export to a null or invalid destination data type
ORA-53257 Attribute does not exist.
ORA-53258 Metadata attribute is not available.
ORA-53259 cannot extract metadata that conforms to the schema definition
ORA-53400 Missing DICOM magic number.
ORA-53402 Missing DICOM header.
ORA-53404 Missing the mandatory DICOM attribute string.
ORA-53406 The DICOM object contains invalid attribute value string.
ORA-53408 The DICOM object encoding is wrong string.
ORA-53410 The attribute string does not conform to the VM rule.
ORA-53412 The DICOM object contains an invalid VR value string.
ORA-53414 The DICOM object contains undefined values string.
ORA-53430 The DICOM object contains unsupported values string.
ORA-53432 The DICOM object attribute string has invalid definer name.
ORA-53434 Not a DICOM object.
ORA-53500 Not a DICOM image.
ORA-53502 Image processing failure.
ORA-53800 The DICOM object does not contain attribute string.
ORA-53801 cannot apply conformance validation on DICOM attribute string.
ORA-53802 cannot perform conformance validation because recursion level exceeds MAX_RECURSION_DEPTH
ORA-53810 error logging conformance validation messages
ORA-53820 Invalid locator path string
ORA-53900 I/O failure string.
ORA-53910 SQL error string.
ORA-53920 XML error string.
ORA-53930 XSLT error string.
ORA-53940 make anonymous error string.
ORA-53980 unimplemented feature: string
ORA-53990 internal error string.
ORA-53991 cannot move tablespace because tables are being used
ORA-54000 Virtual column feature not yet implemented
ORA-54001 string: invalid identifier specified for virtual column expression
ORA-54002 only pure functions can be specified in a virtual column expression
ORA-54003 specified data type is not supported for a virtual column
ORA-54004 resultant data type of virtual column is not supported
ORA-54005 keyword VIRTUAL cannot be specified here
ORA-54006 keyword VISIBLE cannot be specified here
ORA-54007 keyword HIDDEN cannot be specified here
ORA-54008 expression column is not supported for an index organized table
ORA-54009 expression column is not supported for an external table
ORA-54010 expression column is not supported for a temporary table
ORA-54011 expression column is not supported for a clustered table
ORA-54012 virtual column is referenced in a column expression
ORA-54013 INSERT operation disallowed on virtual columns
ORA-54014 Resulting table from a CTAS operation contains virtual column(s)
ORA-54015 Duplicate column expression was specified
ORA-54016 Invalid column expression was specified
ORA-54017 UPDATE operation disallowed on virtual columns
ORA-54018 A virtual column exists for this expression
ORA-54019 Virtual column expression cannot be changed because it is a partitioning column
ORA-54020 Virtual column expression cannot be changed because it is a subpartitioning column
ORA-54021 Cannot use PL/SQL expressions in partitioning or subpartitioning columns
ORA-54022 Virtual column expression cannot be changed because an index is defined on column
ORA-54023 Virtual column expression cannot be changed because a constraint is defined on column
ORA-54024 expression column is not supported for an organization cube table
ORA-54025 Virtual column cannot have a default value
ORA-54026 Real column cannot have an expression
ORA-54027 cannot modify data-type of virtual column
ORA-54028 cannot change the HIDDEN/VISIBLE property of a virtual column
ORA-54029 Virtual column cannot be updated in trigger body
ORA-54030 datatype mismatch between virtual column and expression
ORA-54031 column to be dropped or modified is used in a virtual column expression
ORA-54032 column to be renamed is used in a virtual column expression
ORA-54033 column to be modified is used in a virtual column expression
ORA-54034 virtual columns not allowed in functional index expressions
ORA-54035 keyword HIDDEN cannot be specified here
ORA-54036 cannot define referential constraint with ON DELETE SET NULL clause on virtual column
ORA-54037 table must have at least 1 column that is not virtual
ORA-54038 Virtual column cannot be encrypted
ORA-54500 invalid combination of elements
ORA-54501 no holes expected
ORA-54502 solid not closed
ORA-54503 incorrect solid orientation
ORA-54504 multiple outer geometries
ORA-54505 ring does not lie on a plane
ORA-54506 compound curve not supported for 3-D geometries
ORA-54507 duplicate points in multipoint geometry
ORA-54508 overlapping surfaces in a multisolid geometry
ORA-54509 solid not attached to composite solid
ORA-54510 no outer geometry expected
ORA-54511 edges of inner and outer solids intersect
ORA-54512 a vertex of an inner solid is outside corresponding outer solid
ORA-54513 inner solid surface overlaps outer solid surface
ORA-54514 overlapping areas in multipolygon
ORA-54515 outer rings in a composite surface intersect
ORA-54516 adjacent outer rings of composite surface cannot be on same plane
ORA-54517 outer ring is on the same plane and overlaps another outer ring
ORA-54518 shared edge of composite surface not oriented correctly
ORA-54519 polygon (surface) not attached to composite surface
ORA-54520 inner ring not on the same plane as its outer ring
ORA-54521 inner ring is not inside or is touching outer ring more than once
ORA-54522 inner rings of same outer ring cannot intersect or share boundary
ORA-54523 inner rings of same outer ring cannot touch more than once
ORA-54524 inner ring cannot be inside another inner ring of same outer ring
ORA-54525 incorrect box volume due to wrong ordinates
ORA-54526 multi or composite geometry must be decomposed before extraction
ORA-54527 operation not permitted on a simple geometry
ORA-54528 inner composite surfaces or surfaces with inner ring(s) expected
ORA-54529 geometry should have multi-level hierarchy (like triangle)
ORA-54530 invalid etype for element at element offset
ORA-54531 invalid orientation for element at element offset
ORA-54532 incomplete composite surface
ORA-54533 invalid etype in composite surface of solid
ORA-54534 incorrect box surface due to wrong specification
ORA-54535 incorrect box surface because it is on arbitrary plane
ORA-54536 axis aligned box surface not defined properly
ORA-54537 incorrect box surface due to wrong orientation
ORA-54538 unexpected gtype
ORA-54539 cannot process the geometry(s) for this operation
ORA-54540 at least one element must be a surface or solid
ORA-54545 holes incorrectly defined
ORA-54546 volume of solid cannot be 0 or less
ORA-54547 wrong input for COUNT_SHARED_EDGES
ORA-54548 input geometry gtype must be GTYPE_POLYGON for extrusion
ORA-54549 input geometry has incorrect elemInfo
ORA-54550 input 2-D polygon not valid
ORA-54551 grdHeight and/or Height array sizes incorrect
ORA-54552 height entries must be >= to ground height entries
ORA-54553 incorrect geometry for appending
ORA-54554 arcs are not supported as defined
ORA-54555 invalid geometry dimension
ORA-54556 operation is not supported for 3-D geometry
ORA-54557 incomplete composite solid
ORA-54558 3D SRID is not found for the corresponding 2D SRID
ORA-54559 query element and source geometry cannot be the same
ORA-54560 query element cannot be a collection or multitype geometry
ORA-54601 CREATE_PC: invalid parameters for creation of Point Cloud
ORA-54602 CREATE_PC: input points table string does not exist
ORA-54603 CREATE_PC: specified total dimensionality cannot exceed 8
ORA-54604 CREATE_PC: input points table should not be empty
ORA-54605 CREATE_PC: scratch-tables/views (string) exist and need to be dropped
ORA-54607 CREATE_PC: error fetching data from input points table
ORA-54608 CREATE_PC: error writing Point Cloud LOB
ORA-54609 CREATE_PC: input extent cannot be null
ORA-54610 CREATE_PC: input extent cannot be more than 2-D for geodetic data
ORA-54611 INIT: either invalid basetable/schema or they do not exist
ORA-54613 INIT: internal error creating DML trigger
ORA-54614 INIT: block table name has to be unique
ORA-54616 INIT: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54617 CLIP_PC: invalid Point Cloud; extent is empty
ORA-54618 CLIP_PC: SRIDs of query and Point Cloud are incompatible
ORA-54619 CLIP_PC: query and BLKID parameters cannot both be null
ORA-54620 CLIP_PC: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54621 TO_GEOMETRY: TOTAL_DIMENSIONALITY not same as in INIT operation
ORA-54622 TO_GEOMETRY: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54623 CREATE_PC: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54640 PARTITION_TABLE utility: invalid input parameters [number, string]
ORA-54641 PARTITION_TABLE utility: scratch tables exist with oidstr = string
ORA-54642 PARTITION_TABLE utility: invalid SORT_DIMENSION specified
ORA-54643 PARTITION_TABLE utility: invalid WORKTABLESPACE parameter
ORA-54644 PARTITION_TABLE utility: error in reading input, output tables
ORA-54651 CREATE_TIN: invalid parameters specified in creation of TIN
ORA-54652 CREATE_TIN: input points table string does not exist
ORA-54653 CREATE_TIN: specified total dimensionality cannot exceed 8
ORA-54654 CREATE_TIN: input points table should not be empty
ORA-54655 CREATE_TIN: scratch tables/views(string) exist and need to be dropped
ORA-54656 CREATE_TIN: error fetching data from input points table
ORA-54657 CREATE_TIN: error writing TIN LOB
ORA-54658 CREATE_TIN: input extent cannot be null
ORA-54659 CREATE_TIN: input extent has to be 2-D for geodetic data
ORA-54660 CLIP_TIN: invalid Point Cloud; extent is empty
ORA-54661 CLIP_TIN: SRIDs of query and TIN are incompatible
ORA-54662 CLIP_TIN: query and blkid parameters cannot both be null
ORA-54663 CLIP_TIN: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54664 TO_GEOMETRY: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54665 CREATE_TIN: internal error [number, string]
ORA-54666 query gtype is a superset of the source geometry
ORA-54667 query element cannot be matched to an element in source geometry (string)
ORA-54668 a 2D SRID cannot be used with a 3D geometry
ORA-55200 Java exception from tag data translation java stack
ORA-55201 Tag data translation category not found
ORA-55202 Tag data translation scheme not found
ORA-55203 Tag data translation level not found
ORA-55204 Tag data translation option not found
ORA-55205 Tag data translation field validation failed
ORA-55206 Tag data translation field not found
ORA-55207 Tag data translation rule evaluation failure
ORA-55208 Too many matching levels were found for the input data
ORA-55300 model string does not exist
ORA-55301 rulebase string does not exist
ORA-55302 insufficient privileges string
ORA-55303 SDO_RDF_TRIPLE_S constructor failed: string
ORA-55304 specified reuse-bNode model-id string != target model-id string
ORA-55305 reification constructor functions not supported
ORA-55306 internal error: invalid string: value_name=string value_type=string
ORA-55307 invalid value type for lexical value: string
ORA-55308 invalid time zone string for lexical value string
ORA-55309 hash collision resolution failed for lexical value string
ORA-55310 parse failed for the string lexical value: string
ORA-55311 invalid value type string for long lexical value string
ORA-55312 parse failed for triple: id-form: string string string
ORA-55313 SDO_RDF_TRIPLE_S constructor failed to process triple containing bNode
ORA-55314 invalid temporary table name (string) for use with batch load
ORA-55315 batch load attempt failed: string
ORA-55316 model string does not match model string for table and column
ORA-55317 model string already exists
ORA-55318 column string in table string already contains data
ORA-55319 model string create attempt failed: string
ORA-55320 model string drop attempt failed: string
ORA-55321 network already exists
ORA-55322 model(s) exist
ORA-55323 rulebase(s) exist
ORA-55324 no rulebases specified
ORA-55325 rulebase or rules index string already exists string
ORA-55326 rules index (string) create attempt failed: string
ORA-55327 rule string yields a triple with a literal subject or predicate
ORA-55328 literal value string insert attempt failed
ORA-55329 same model string specified more than once in the list of models
ORA-55330 rulebase or rules index string is busy
ORA-55331 user owns RDF objects
ORA-55332 virtual model cannot be used in this context
ORA-55333 virtual model string does not exist
ORA-55334 virtual model name string is invalid
ORA-55335 at least one model must be specified
ORA-55336 insufficient privileges for using one or more of the models and rules indexes
ORA-55337 a virtual model or rules index with the name string already exists
ORA-55338 a model with the name string already exists
ORA-55339 a virtual model already exists for the specified model-rulebase combination
ORA-55340 rules index does not exist for the specified model-rulebase combination
ORA-55341 label index out-of-range
ORA-55342 not a defined label in the policy
ORA-55343 invalid dependent component for custom label generator
ORA-55344 invalid label generator implementation or use
ORA-55345 invalid use of label generator with no OLS policy
ORA-55346 invalid label generation option with user rules
ORA-55347 missing proof for the specified label generation option
ORA-55348 label generator error: RDF data not enabled for string
ORA-55349 OLS not installed or in an invalid state
ORA-55350 RDF-OLS table option string not supported
ORA-55351 RDF secure access option not supported or is invalid
ORA-55352 insufficient privileges for policy administration
ORA-55353 invalid column name for label column string
ORA-55354 Policy string does not exist or is inaccessible
ORA-55355 RDF network does not exist
ORA-55356 OLS not enabled for RDF data
ORA-55357 insufficient privileges for the current operation
ORA-55358 model "string" is not empty
ORA-55359 unauthorized operation with policy string - string
ORA-55360 invalid value for resource position - string
ORA-55361 duplicate specification for the namespace found
ORA-55362 RDF VPD policy may not be created in the SYS schema
ORA-55363 context string does not exist
ORA-55364 invalid operation type string for VPD policy
ORA-55365 invalid metadata for VPD policy
ORA-55366 unknown namespace prefix "string"
ORA-55367 invalid maintenance operation for VPD metadata
ORA-55368 empty match or apply pattern not allowed in a VPD constraint
ORA-55369 invalid identifier specified for the constraint group
ORA-55370 input parameter not a zero or positive integer
ORA-55371 RDF rules index 'string' exists for different model-rulebase combination
ORA-55372 entailment (rules index) 'string' already exists
ORA-55373 inference internal error: string
ORA-55374 query constants not in the database; no rows selected
ORA-55375 cannot drop table 'string' because this table owns RDF objects
ORA-55376 cannot alter or drop column 'string' because this column owns RDF objects
ORA-55377 number of triples less than 1 or null error indication marker
ORA-55378 invalid error code
ORA-55379 too many triples
ORA-55430 query pattern is null
ORA-55441 insufficient privileges to drop virtual model string
ORA-55442 a virtual model cannot be used with other models in a SEM_MATCH query
ORA-55443 a virtual model cannot be used with a rulebase in a SEM_MATCH query
ORA-55450 continually refreshed workspaces not supported with RDF
ORA-55451 multi-parent workspaces not supported with RDF
ORA-55452 batch mode not allowed with version-enabled models
ORA-55453 OLS/VPD-enabled indexes must be created with CREATE_ENTAILMENT API
ORA-55454 version-enabled indexes must be created with CREATE_ENTAILMENT API
ORA-55455 rules index status not recognized ( string )
ORA-55456 no valid rules index for this model-rulebase combination
ORA-55457 predicate not found in model
ORA-55458 object not found in model
ORA-55459 invalid parameter string
ORA-55460 incorrect usage of semantic operators
ORA-55461 no distance information available
ORA-55462 internal error
ORA-55463 missing privileges for MDSYS schema for OLS-enabled entailment
ORA-55464 model "string" does not exist
ORA-55465 resource position string not secured with OLS policy
ORA-55466 one or more triples have incompatible sensitivity label
ORA-55467 model-specific label for the resource is incompatible
ORA-55468 rule base "string" does not exist or is not accessible
ORA-55469 rule "string" does not exist or is not accessible
ORA-55470 OLS may not be applied with one or more models VPD-enabled
ORA-55471 OLS may not be applied to version-enabled RDF repository
ORA-55472 Secure access policy already assigned to RDF data
ORA-55473 RDF model participating in a virtual model may not be version-enabled
ORA-55474 internal error: [string],[string],[string]
ORA-55475 policy with a matching name already exists
ORA-55476 policy "string" does not exist
ORA-55477 policy with dependent models may not be dropped
ORA-55478 application table with multiple RDF models not suitable for VPD
ORA-55479 a policy already assigned to the RDF model
ORA-55480 model participating in a virtual model may not be VPD-enabled
ORA-55481 VPD policy may not be applied for OLS-enabled RDF repository
ORA-55482 VPD may not be applied to version-enabled RDF repository
ORA-55483 policy "string" not assigned to the model
ORA-55484 circular dependency not allowed in RDF metadata
ORA-55485 metadata may not be directly assigned to an equivalent property
ORA-55486 metadata exists for the equivalent property
ORA-55487 VPD constraints exist for the equivalent property
ORA-55488 metadata definition already exists for the policy
ORA-55489 conflicting metadata definition exists for the policy
ORA-55490 VPD constraint may not be assigned to an equivalent property
ORA-55491 VPD policy constraint with matching name already exists
ORA-55492 error creating VPD policy constraint: string
ORA-55493 specified VPD policy constraint does not exist
ORA-55494 input model set may only have a unique VPD policy
ORA-55495 application table with multiple models may not be version-enabled
ORA-55496 unsupported versioning configuration (History/Valid time) for RDF data
ORA-55497 RDF repository with an OLS policy may not be version-enabled
ORA-55498 VPD-enabled RDF model may not be version-enabled
ORA-55501 Backing out live transaction
ORA-55502 Specified input transaction by name has no SCN hint
ORA-55503 Mining finished without seeing specified transactions
ORA-55504 Transaction conflicts in NOCASCADE mode
ORA-55505 DDL done on an interesting object after mining start SCN
ORA-55506 Transaction performed unsupported change
ORA-55507 Encountered mining error during Flashback Transaction Backout. function:string
ORA-55508 Invalid input to Flashback Transaction Backout
ORA-55509 Creation of dependencies could not finish
ORA-55510 Mining could not start
ORA-55511 Flashback Transaction experienced error in executing undo SQL
ORA-55512 Backing out PDML or XA-RAC transaction
ORA-55513 Backing out an AQ transaction
ORA-55514 Backing out a DDL transaction
ORA-55515 Mining sees input transaction changes without seeing transaction start
ORA-55518 Mining across reset logs
ORA-55519 Supplemental logging not available for mining SCN range
ORA-55520 Log record in compatibility lower than 11.0
ORA-55557 Trigger 4144 corruption
ORA-55558 string is not a corrupted transaction
ORA-55563 number is not a valid undo segment number
ORA-55564 string is not a valid transaction id
ORA-55565 string is not a valid undo segment number
ORA-55566 SQL statement issued when the database was not open for queries
ORA-55567 The _highthreshold_undoretention value should be at least string based on the current undo retention settings.
ORA-55568 The maximum query length (mql) value should be atmost string based on the current _highthreshold_undoretention setting.
ORA-55569 The UNDO_RETENTION parameter value should be atmost string, the _highthreshold_undoretention setting.
ORA-55600 The table "string"."string" is already enabled for Flashback Archive
ORA-55601 The table "string"."string" cannot be enabled for Flashback Archive
ORA-55602 The table "string"."string" is not enabled for Flashback Archive
ORA-55603 Invalid Flashback Archive command
ORA-55604 Incorrect tablespace is specified
ORA-55605 Incorrect Flashback Archive is specified
ORA-55606 Event to modify archiver sleep time in seconds
ORA-55607 Event to enable debugging of archiver
ORA-55608 Default Flashback Archive does not exist
ORA-55609 Attempt to create duplicate default Flashback Archive
ORA-55610 Invalid DDL statement on history-tracked table
ORA-55611 No privilege to manage default Flashback Archive
ORA-55612 No privilege to manage Flashback Archive
ORA-55613 Invalid Flashback Archive quota size
ORA-55614 AUM needed for transactions on tracked tables
ORA-55615 Event to test archiver scheduled internal tasks
ORA-55616 Transaction table needs Flashback Archiver processing
ORA-55617 Flashback Archive "string" runs out of space and tracking on "string" is suspended
ORA-55618 Insufficient privilege to grant Flashback Archive privilege
ORA-55619 Invalid privilege to grant on Flashback Archive
ORA-55620 No privilege to use Flashback Archive
ORA-55621 User quota on tablespace "string" is not enough for Flashback Archive
ORA-55622 DML, ALTER and CREATE UNIQUE INDEX operations are not allowed on table "string"."string"
ORA-55623 Flashback Archive "string" is blocking and tracking on all tables is suspended
ORA-55624 The table "string"."string" cannot be enabled for Flashback Archive at this point
ORA-55625 Cannot grant Flashback Archive privilege to a role
ORA-55626 Cannot remove the Flashback Archive's primary tablespace
ORA-55627 Flashback Archive tablespace must be ASSM tablespace
ORA-55628 Flashback Archive supports Oracle 11g or higher
ORA-55629 Event to test Flashback Archiver internal management tasks
ORA-55630 Flashback Data Archive cannot be enabled on this object
ORA-55631 Table has columns with data types that are not supported by Flashback Data Archive
ORA-55632 Tablespace has Flashback Archive tables
ORA-55633 Cannot do DDL on Flashback Data Archive enabled table
ORA-55634 Unable to disassociate or re-associate Flashback Data Archive table "string"."string"
ORA-55635 Flashback Data Archive enabled table "string"."string" is disassociated
ORA-55636 Flashback Data Archive enabled table "string"."string" has different definition from its history table
ORA-55637 Flashback Data Archive enabled table "string"."string" is not in the correct compliance mode for this operation
ORA-55638 DDL operations on Flashback Data Archive-enabled table are not allowed at this point
ORA-55639 Flashback Data Archive internal SQL error
ORA-55640 Insufficient privilege to perform the Flashback Data Archive operation
ORA-55641 Cannot drop tablespace used by Flashback Data Archive
ORA-55642 Table has column names that are reserved by Flashback Data Archive
ORA-55710 Unable to alter system parameter GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES at this time
ORA-55711 Unable to bind clusterwide global transactions to compatible undo
ORA-55712 XA transactions on RAC are not supported with GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES set to 0
ORA-55713 GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES cannot be set to 0 at runtime
ORA-55714 savepoint 'string' disabled with interleaved changes across Oracle RAC instances
ORA-55800 NLS errors while processing Oracle number
ORA-55801 Event to control CR activity
ORA-56500 DRCP: Pool not found
ORA-56501 DRCP: Pool startup failed
ORA-56502 DRCP: Pool is inactive
ORA-56503 DRCP: Pool is active
ORA-56504 DRCP: Invalid pool configuration parameter name
ORA-56505 DRCP: Invalid pool configuration parameter value
ORA-56506 DRCP: Pool shutdown failed
ORA-56507 DRCP: Pool alter configuration failed
ORA-56508 DRCP: Pool startup failed
ORA-56509 DRCP: Pool shutdown failed
ORA-56510 DRCP: Pool alter configuration failed
ORA-56511 DRCP: Cross instance synchronization failed
ORA-56512 DRCP: Failed to synchronize RAC instances [string]
ORA-56513 DRCP: Cannot perform requested operation using pooled connection
ORA-56514 DRCP: invalid value for maximum number of connections to Connection broker
ORA-56600 DRCP: Illegal call [string]
ORA-56601 DRCP: Illegal connection class
ORA-56602 DRCP: Illegal purity
ORA-56603 DRCP: Internal error
ORA-56604 DRCP: Length[string] for string exceeded the MAX allowed
ORA-56605 DRCP: Session switching and migration not allowed
ORA-56606 DRCP: Client version does not support the feature
ORA-56607 DRCP: Connection is already authenticated
ORA-56608 DRCP: Server Group feature is not supported
ORA-56609 Usage not supported with DRCP
ORA-56700 plan string is a subplan and SUB_PLAN attribute cannot be modified
ORA-56701 INTERNAL_USE attribute of consumer group string cannot be modified
ORA-56702 consumer group string is for internal use only and cannot be a switch target
ORA-56703 VKTM process died unexpectedly
ORA-56704 EXPLICIT consumer group mapping priority must be set to 1
ORA-56705 I/O calibration already in progress
ORA-56706 The specified Resource Manager plan is a subplan and cannot be set as a top-level plan
ORA-56707 INTERNAL_QUIESCE plan cannot be specified as a top-level Resource Manager plan
ORA-56708 Could not find any datafiles with asynchronous i/o capability
ORA-56709 timed_statistics set to FALSE
ORA-56710 DBRM process died unexpectedly
ORA-56711 string is an invalid string argument
ORA-56713 Insufficient Resource Manager privileges
ORA-56714 Plan name string exceeds the maximum length allowed
ORA-56715 string resource plan contains a reserved word
ORA-56716 Category string does not exist
ORA-56717 SWITCH_TIME is set without specifying SWITCH_GROUP
ORA-56718 Timeout occurred while setting resource plan
ORA-56719 Error spawning or communicating with calibration slave
ORA-56720 I/O data limit exceeded - call aborted
ORA-56721 I/O data limit exceeded - session terminated
ORA-56722 I/O request limit exceeded - call aborted
ORA-56723 I/O request limit exceeded - session terminated
ORA-56725 Could not spawn additional calibration slaves
ORA-56726 Category string is referred to by a consumer group and cannot be deleted
ORA-56727 Orion (string) must be invoked using its full, absolute path
ORA-56728 SQL blocks cannot be nested
ORA-56729 Failed to bind the database instance to processor group string
ORA-56800 DSKM process died unexpectedly
ORA-56840 LIBCELL API error in Master Diskmon
ORA-56841 Master Diskmon cannot connect to a CELL
ORA-56842 LIBCELL operation network error in Master Diskmon
ORA-56843 LIBCELL SKGXP error in Master Diskmon
ORA-56864 Master Diskmon "stringstring" operation cannot complete because of a LIBCELL network error
ORA-56865 Invalid IP address in CELLINIT.ORA
ORA-56866 No IP parameter
ORA-56867 Cannot connect to Master Diskmon on pipe "string"
ORA-56868 Duplicate IP address in CELLINIT.ORA
ORA-56870 Attempt to register dead cell with Master Diskmon
ORA-56900 unpivot operation
ORA-56901 unpivot values
ORA-56902 expect aggregate function inside pivot operation
ORA-56903 sys_op_pivot function is not allowed here
ORA-56904 pivot value must have datatype that is convertible to pivot column
ORA-56920 a prepare or upgrade window or an on-demand or datapump-job loading of a secondary time zone data file is in an active state
ORA-56921 invalid time zone version
ORA-56922 Starting a prepare window failed
ORA-56923 database properties related to time zone version are not set up properly
ORA-56924 prepare window does not exist
ORA-56925 Ending a prepare window failed
ORA-56926 database must be in UPGRADE mode in order to start an upgrade window
ORA-56927 Starting an upgrade window failed
ORA-56928 upgrade window does not exist
ORA-56929 Ending an upgrade window failed
ORA-56930 database must be restarted before performing upgrade of user tables
ORA-56931 inconsistent DST patching state found
ORA-56932 "string"."string" does not exist
ORA-56933 Table creation failed
ORA-56934 database property DST_UPGRADE_STATE for datapump job is in an inconsistent state
ORA-56935 existing datapump jobs are using a different version of time zone data file
ORA-56936 datapump jobs are utilizing secondary time zone data file
ORA-56937 failed to load the secondary time zone data file
ORA-56938 no secondary time zone data file being loaded by on-demand or a datapump job
ORA-56939 failed to unload the secondary time zone data file
ORA-56950 Invalid value for incident identifier
ORA-56971 Invalid set of export options
ORA-56972 referenced file not found
ORA-56973 import options do not match export options
ORA-56974 Invalid set of import options
ORA-57000 TimesTen IMDB error: string
ORA-60001 adding (string) blocks to save undo segment in tablespace string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60002 adding (string) blocks to temporary segment in tablespace string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60003 adding (string) blocks to table string.string partition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60004 adding (string) blocks to table string.string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60005 adding (string) blocks to cluster string.string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60006 adding (string) blocks to index string.string partition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60007 adding (string) blocks to index string.string subpartition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60008 adding (string) blocks to index string.string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60009 adding (string) blocks to LOB segment string.string partition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60010 adding (string) blocks to LOB segment string.string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60011 adding (string) blocks to lob segment string.string subpartition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60012 adding (string) blocks to table string.string subpartition string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60013 invalid MAXSIZE storage option value
ORA-60014 invalid MAXSIZE storage option value
ORA-60015 invalid RETENTION storage option value
ORA-60016 Operation not supported on SECUREFILE segment
ORA-60018 adding string blocks to rollback segment string with MAXSIZE (string)
ORA-60019 Creating initial extent of size string in tablespace of extent size string
ORA-60025 Event for temp segment cleanup used for temp lobs
ORA-62001 value for parameter cannot contain a comma
ORA-62007 encountered a value of unsupported type or size for XPath (string)
ORA-62008 Cannot rewrite a newer version of XML redo diff (encountered: string, supported: string)
ORA-63000 operation disallowed: data file string is being moved
ORA-63001 file error during move operation
ORA-63002 a data file copy that is not current
ORA-63003 a half-done data file copy
ORA-63997 file size refresh failed
ORA-63998 undo tablespace file suffered media failure
ORA-63999 data file suffered media failure
ORA-64000 specified path already exists
ORA-64001 invalid parent directory in specified path
ORA-64002 specified path is invalid
ORA-64003 an unsupported operation was invoked
ORA-64004 an invalid combination of arguments was specified
ORA-64005 access control checks failed
ORA-64006 lock conflict in current operation
ORA-64007 invalid store specified
ORA-64008 invalid mount-point specified
ORA-64009 invalid provider specified
ORA-64010 cannot modify store via read-only mount
ORA-64011 cross store operation
ORA-64012 specified path is a directory
ORA-64013 specified path is not a directory
ORA-64014 directory not empty
ORA-64101 Cannot alter both a structured and an unstructured component of an XMLIndex in the same ALTER INDEX statement.
ORA-64102 Cannot create an XMLIndex with a structured component on a CLOB column within the object-relational storage model.
ORA-64103 Cannot create an XMLIndex on an object-relational XML type table or column.
ORA-64104 Column name already used by internal column of the structured component of the XMLIndex.
ORA-64105 Cannot create domain index on XMLIndex internal tables.
ORA-64106 Incorrect use of comma(,) punctuation in COLUMN definitions.
ORA-64107 The XMLIndex has been successfully altered but the metadata could not be updated.
ORA-64108 Cannot truncate a table that has an XMLIndex whose internal table has been indexed using Oracle Text.
ORA-64109 XMLIndex: problems encountered during the dropping of statistics
ORA-64110 XMLIndex: problems encountered during the gathering of statistics
ORA-64111 XMLIndex: problems encountered during EXPORT
ORA-64112 XMLIndex: problems encountered during IMPORT
ORA-64113 XMLIndex: XDB.XDB$XIDX_IMP_T still has bad data for "string"."string"
ORA-64115 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: the table has no XMLIndex
ORA-64116 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: incompatible XPath subsets
ORA-64117 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: incompatible modes for asynchronous DML
ORA-64118 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: incompatible unstructured components
ORA-64119 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: incompatible structured components
ORA-64120 XMLIndex Exchange Partition: incompatible structured components
ORA-64121 XMLIndex DDL: failure of the internal "string"
ORA-64122 XMLIndex DDL: failure of the recursive "string"
ORA-64123 XMLIndex DDL: failure of a recursive DDL
ORA-64124 XMLIndex: failure during the setting of an event
ORA-64125 XMLIndex: failure during the resetting of an event
ORA-64126 XMLIndex Table Function: failure at the start of the function
ORA-64127 XMLIndex Table Function: failure at the beginning of the function
ORA-64128 XMLIndex Table Function: failure during the function evaluation
ORA-64129 XMLIndex Table Function: failure at the end of the function
ORA-64130 XMLIndex: invalid namespace mapping "string"
ORA-64131 XMLIndex Metadata: failure during the looking up of the dictionary
ORA-64132 XMLIndex Metadata: failure during the updating of the dictionary
ORA-64133 XMLIndex DML: failure of the internal "string"
ORA-64134 XMLIndex DML: failure of the recursive "string"
ORA-64135 XMLIndex DML: failure of a recursive DML
ORA-64136 XMLIndex Asynchronous DML: synchronization failure
ORA-64137 Cannot drop an XMLIndex whose internal table has been indexed using Oracle Text.
ORA-64138 Cannot drop groups from an XMLIndex whose internal table has been indexed using Oracle Text.
ORA-64139 The type of VIRTUAL column is not XMLTYPE
ORA-64140 missing chaining XMLTABLE for VIRTUAL column in the index
ORA-64141 Can only have a single XMLType column when a table is shared.
ORA-64142 Shared tables must have same semantics for truncation.
ORA-64143 Can only share an existing XMLIndex table with an XMLTYPE column.
ORA-64144 Shared tables must have equivalent paths.
ORA-64146 Nonblocking alter XMLIndex error
ORA-64148 Cannot complete nonblocking alter index operation.
ORA-64149 Invalid alter XMLIndex operation.
ORA-64152 There are no pending rows to process.
ORA-64201 unregistered LOB value encountered
ORA-64202 remote temporary or abstract LOB locator is encountered
ORA-64203 Destination buffer too small to hold CLOB data after character set conversion.
ORA-64204 encountered partial multibyte character
ORA-64300 Invalid compression level specified
ORA-64307 Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression is not supported for tablespaces on this storage type
ORA-64308 hybrid columnar compressed table cannot have column with LONG data type
ORA-64477 Multiple token tables are not supported.
ORA-64621 SQL statement length (string) exceeds maximum allowed length (string)
EXP-00000 Export terminated unsuccessfully
EXP-00001 data field truncation - column length=number, buffer size=number actual size=number
EXP-00002 error in writing to export file
EXP-00003 no storage definition found for segment(number, number)
EXP-00004 invalid username or password
EXP-00005 all allowable logon attempts failed
EXP-00006 internal inconsistency error
EXP-00007 dictionary shows no columns for string.string
EXP-00008 ORACLE error number encountered
EXP-00009 no privilege to export string's table string
EXP-00010 string is not a valid username
EXP-00011 string.string does not exist
EXP-00012 string is not a valid export mode
EXP-00013 respond with either 'Y', 'N', RETURN or '.' to quit
EXP-00014 error on row number of table string
EXP-00015 error on row number of table string, column string, datatype number
EXP-00016 ORACLE error encountered while reading default auditing options
EXP-00017 feature "string" is needed, but not present in database
EXP-00018 datatype (number) for column string, table string.string is not supported
EXP-00019 failed to process parameters, type 'EXP HELP=Y' for help
EXP-00020 failed to allocate memory of size number
EXP-00021 can only perform incremental export in Full Database mode
EXP-00022 must be SYS or SYSTEM to do incremental export
EXP-00023 must be a DBA to do Full Database or Tablespace export
EXP-00024 Export views not installed, please notify your DBA
EXP-00025 dictionary shows no column for constraint string.number
EXP-00026 conflicting modes specified
EXP-00027 failed to calculate ORACLE block size
EXP-00028 failed to open string for write
EXP-00029 Incremental export mode and consistent mode are not compatible
EXP-00030 Unexpected End-Of-File encountered while reading input
EXP-00031 Arraysize not in valid range. Using arraysize=number
EXP-00032 Non-DBAs may not export other users
EXP-00033 Could not find environment character set
EXP-00034 error on rowid: file# number block# number slot# number
EXP-00035 QUERY parameter valid only for table mode exports
EXP-00036 Object number non-existent in dictionary
EXP-00037 Export views not compatible with database version
EXP-00038 Bad Hash cluster id in clu$
EXP-00039 export file string must be on a disk
EXP-00040 Dump file and log file must be different
EXP-00041 INCTYPE parameter is obsolete
EXP-00043 Invalid data dictionary information in the row where column "string" is "string" in table string
EXP-00044 must be connected 'AS SYSDBA' to do Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace import
EXP-00045 Cannot export SYSTEM Tablespace for Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace
EXP-00046 Tablespace named string does not exist
EXP-00047 Missing tablespace name(s)
EXP-00048 Cannot export SYSAUX Tablespace for Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace
EXP-00049 string option is not compatible with Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace Export
EXP-00050 Cannot perform Partition Export "string" on non-partitioned table "string"
EXP-00051 "string" - given partition or subpartition name is not part of "string" table
EXP-00052 error on row number of partition string
EXP-00053 unable to execute QUERY on table string because the table has inner nested tables
EXP-00054 error on row number of subpartition string
EXP-00055 string.string is marked not exportable
EXP-00057 Failure to initialize parameter manager
EXP-00058 Password Verify Function for string profile does not exist
EXP-00059 error converting an object type's identifier to characters
EXP-00060 an object type had multiple TYPE BODYs
EXP-00061 unable to find the outer table name of a nested table
EXP-00062 invalid source statements for an object type
EXP-00063 error in changing language handle
EXP-00064 string is an inner nested table and cannot be exported.
EXP-00065 Error writing lob to the dump file.
EXP-00066 Object table string is missing its object identifier index
EXP-00068 tablespace string is offline
EXP-00070 attempt to free unallocated memory
EXP-00071 QUERY parameter not compatible with Direct Path export
EXP-00072 error closing export file string
EXP-00073 dump file size too small
EXP-00074 rounding VOLSIZE down, new value is string
EXP-00075 rounding FILESIZE down, new value is string
EXP-00076 multiple devices specified for tape output
EXP-00077 multiple output files specified for unbounded export file
EXP-00078 Error exporting metadata for index string. Index creation will be skipped
EXP-00079 Data in table "string" is protected. Conventional path may only be exporting partial table.
EXP-00080 Data in table "string" is protected. Using conventional mode.
EXP-00081 Exporting access control for table/view "string" as non-DBA.
EXP-00082 Invalid function name passed to procedural object support: string
EXP-00083 The previous problem occurred when calling string.string.string
EXP-00084 Unexpected DbmsJava error number at step number
EXP-00085 The previous problem occurred when calling string.string.string for object number
EXP-00086 Primary key REFs in table "string"may not be valid on import
EXP-00087 Problem with internal hash table of schema/table names
EXP-00089 invalid FILE_FORMAT specification
EXP-00090 cannot pin type "string"."string"
EXP-00091 Exporting questionable statistics.
EXP-00092 Unable to set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS to required defaults.
EXP-00093 Could not convert to server character set's handle
EXP-00094 Could not convert to server national character set's handle
EXP-00095 Flashback_time and Flashback_scn are not compatible
EXP-00097 Object type "string"."string" is not in a valid state, type will not be exported
EXP-00098 Data in table has not been upgraded, table will not be exported
EXP-00099 Table "string"."string" is not in a valid state, table will not be exported
EXP-00100 error converting an object type's hashcode to characters
EXP-00101 Version 1 extensible index "string"."string" can not be included in Transportable Tablespace Export
EXP-00102 Resumable parameters ignored -- current session not resumable
EXP-00103 The FLASHBACK_TIME parameter was invalid
EXP-00104 datatype (string) of column string in table string.string is not supported, table will not be exported
EXP-00105 parameter string is not supported for this user
EXP-00106 Invalid Database Link Passwords
EXP-00107 Feature (string) of column string in table string.string is not supported. The table will not be exported.
EXP-00108 NULL lob fetched
EXP-00109 XSL delimiter not found
EXP-00110 Tablespace string is encrypted and will not be exported
EXP-00111 Table string resides in an Encrypted Tablespace string and will not be exported
EXP-00112 Index string is of XMLType and could not be exported
EXP-00113 Feature string is unsupported. string string.string could not be exported
EXP-00114 Length of string string is exceeding the maximum limit
IMP-00000 Import terminated unsuccessfully
IMP-00001 respond with either string, string, RETURN or '.' to quit
IMP-00002 failed to open string for read
IMP-00003 ORACLE error number encountered
IMP-00004 invalid username or password
IMP-00005 all allowable logon attempts failed
IMP-00006 failed to allocate memory of size number
IMP-00007 must be a DBA to import objects to another user's account
IMP-00008 unrecognized statement in the export file: string
IMP-00009 abnormal end of export file
IMP-00010 not a valid export file, header failed verification
IMP-00011 formatted table data not currently supported
IMP-00012 invalid export mode (character) in header
IMP-00013 only a DBA can import a file exported by another DBA
IMP-00014 option "string" is needed, but not present in database
IMP-00015 following statement failed because the object already exists:
IMP-00016 required character set conversion (type number to number) not supported
IMP-00017 following statement failed with ORACLE error number:
IMP-00018 partial import of previous table completed: number rows imported
IMP-00019 row rejected due to ORACLE error number
IMP-00020 long column too large for column buffer size (number)
IMP-00021 INCTYPE parameter is obsolete
IMP-00022 failed to process parameters, type 'IMP HELP=Y' for help
IMP-00023 Import views not installed, please notify your DBA
IMP-00024 Only one mode (TABLES, FROMUSER, or FULL) can be specified
IMP-00025 for DBA export files, FROMUSER must be specified with TOUSER option
IMP-00027 failed to rollback partial import of previous table
IMP-00028 partial import of previous table rolled back: number rows rolled back
IMP-00029 cannot qualify table name by owner (string), use FROMUSER parameter
IMP-00030 failed to create file string for write
IMP-00031 Must specify FULL=Y or provide FROMUSER/TOUSER or TABLES arguments
IMP-00032 SQL statement exceeded buffer length
IMP-00033 Warning: Table "string" not found in export file
IMP-00034 Warning: FromUser "string" not found in export file
IMP-00035 input file string must be on a disk
IMP-00036 Could not find environment character set
IMP-00037 Character set marker unknown
IMP-00038 Could not convert to environment character set's handle
IMP-00039 VOLSIZE does not match the value used for export: string
IMP-00040 FILESIZE does not match the value used for export: string
IMP-00041 Warning: object created with compilation warnings
IMP-00042 CHARSET used, but the export file has specific character set
IMP-00043 export file character set inconsistent
IMP-00044 unable to allocate enough memory for statement
IMP-00045 using VOLSIZE value from export file of string
IMP-00046 using FILESIZE value from export file of string
IMP-00047 unexpected file sequence number; expected number but found number
IMP-00048 mismatched file header
IMP-00049 Unknown language specified in CHARSET
IMP-00050 Dump file and log file cannot be identical
IMP-00051 Direct path exported dump file contains illegal column length
IMP-00052 Warning: Unable to set event for freelist communication with server
IMP-00053 Import mode incompatible with Export dump file
IMP-00054 must be connected 'AS SYSDBA' to do Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace import
IMP-00055 Warning: partition or subpartition "string":"string" not found in export file
IMP-00056 multiple devices specified for tape input
IMP-00057 Warning: Dump file may not contain data of all partitions of this table
IMP-00059 Failure to initialize parameter manager
IMP-00060 Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" does not exist or has different identifier
IMP-00061 Warning: Object type "string"."string" already exists with a different identifier
IMP-00062 Warning: The identifier on the dump file for object type "string"."string" is invalid
IMP-00063 Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" cannot be created or has different identifier
IMP-00064 Definition of LOB was truncated by export
IMP-00065 Import is unable to recreate lobs within objects.
IMP-00066 Missing NLS_CHARACTERSET in props$
IMP-00067 Could not convert to server character set's handle
IMP-00068 Could not find environment national character set
IMP-00069 Could not convert to environment national character set's handle
IMP-00070 Lob definitions in dump file are inconsistent with database.
IMP-00071 Object identifier of imported table mismatches object identifier of existing table
IMP-00072 Warning: The object table's object identifier is invalid.
IMP-00073 FILE locator "string" "string" is truncated to "string" "string" in server character set
IMP-00074 The constraints flagged by ALL_CONSTRAINTS.BAD will break in 2000 A.D.
IMP-00075 Warning: The nested table may contain partial rows or duplicate rows
IMP-00076 Missing NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET in props$
IMP-00077 Could not convert to server national character set's handle
IMP-00078 Cannot translate FILE locator to "string" "string" in server character set
IMP-00079 Warning: National character set data in this table may be incorrect
IMP-00080 Error during character conversion of long column or long command
IMP-00081 attempt to free unallocated memory
IMP-00082 Error during conversion ROWID from string format to internal
IMP-00083 dump file does not contain an incremental export
IMP-00084 attempt to mix incremental import with user or table import
IMP-00085 multiple input files specified for unbounded export file
IMP-00086 TOID "string" not found in export file
IMP-00087 Problem with internal hash table of schema/table names
IMP-00088 Problem importing metadata for index string. Index creation will be skipped
IMP-00089 Fine grain policy "string" not recreated on table/view "string"
IMP-00090 Unexpected DbmsJava error number at step number while creating string
IMP-00091 Above error occurred on the following function and object: string. Remaining PL/SQL blocks for this object will be skipped.
IMP-00092 Java object "string"."string" already exists, cannot be created
IMP-00093 Inconsistency between dumpfile constraint definition for table string with columns (string)
IMP-00094 Warning: The identifier on the dump file for object type "string"."string" is invalid
IMP-00095 Resumable parameters ignored -- current session not resumable
IMP-00096 Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because type synonym "string"."string" cannot be created
IMP-00097 STREAMS_CONFIGURATION=Y ignored, only valid with FULL=Y
IMP-00098 INTERNAL ERROR: string
IMP-00099 Warning: The typeid in the dump file for object type "string"."string" is invalid
IMP-00400 Warning: Object type "string"."string" already exists with a different typeid
IMP-00401 dump file "string" may be an Data Pump export dump file
IMP-00402 Invalid parameter "string" with data_only mode
SQL*Loader-00100 Syntax error on command-line
SQL*Loader-00101 Invalid argument for username/password
SQL*Loader-00102 Invalid control file name on command line
SQL*Loader-00103 Invalid log file name on command line
SQL*Loader-00104 Invalid bad file name on command line
SQL*Loader-00105 Invalid data file name on command line
SQL*Loader-00106 Invalid discard file name on command line
SQL*Loader-00107 Invalid maximum number of discards
SQL*Loader-00108 Invalid number of logical records to load
SQL*Loader-00109 Invalid number of logical records to skip
SQL*Loader-00110 Invalid maximum number of errors
SQL*Loader-00111 Invalid number of rows for bind array or data saves
SQL*Loader-00112 Invalid maximum bind array size
SQL*Loader-00113 Invalid silent mode option
SQL*Loader-00114 Error in OPTIONS statement
SQL*Loader-00115 Invalid direct path option
SQL*Loader-00116 Error prompting for password
SQL*Loader-00118 Invalid parallel load option
SQL*Loader-00119 Invalid parallel file (data file) name on command line
SQL*Loader-00120 Invalid _synchro option string
SQL*Loader-00121 Invalid skip_unusable_indexes option
SQL*Loader-00122 Invalid skip_index_maintenance option
SQL*Loader-00123 specified value for bindsize(number) less than readsize(number)
SQL*Loader-00124 specified value for readsize(number) less than bindsize(number)
SQL*Loader-00125 specified value for readsize(number) less than max_record_size(number)
SQL*Loader-00126 Invalid read size
SQL*Loader-00127 Invalid maximum record size
SQL*Loader-00128 unable to begin a session
SQL*Loader-00129 Invalid number of rows for direct path column array
SQL*Loader-00130 Invalid direct path stream size
SQL*Loader-00131 Invalid multithreading option
SQL*Loader-00132 invalid argument for external table option
SQL*Loader-00133 Can't specify both direct path and external tables
SQL*Loader-00134 invalid option specified for EXTERNAL_TABLE parameter
SQL*Loader-00135 Invalid argument for RESUMABLE
SQL*Loader-00136 Invalid argument for RESUMABLE_NAME
SQL*Loader-00137 Invalid value for RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT
SQL*Loader-00138 Invalid value for DATE_CACHE
SQL*Loader-00144 Conflicting load methods: string/string specified.
SQL*Loader-00145 Invalid value for NO_INDEX_ERRORS
SQL*Loader-00146 Invalid value for _PARTITION_MEMORY
SQL*Loader-00147 Warning: The NO_INDEX_ERRORS parameter is ignored for direct path parallel loads.
SQL*Loader-00200 FORMAT clause should not be present - flat data files only
SQL*Loader-00250 Work data sets are not used by SQL*Loader
SQL*Loader-00251 Sort devices are not used by SQL*Loader
SQL*Loader-00252 Sort data sets are not used by SQL*Loader
SQL*Loader-00253 DB2 partition number has no significance -- ignored
SQL*Loader-00254 Cannot have DISCARDFILE specs here when multiple data files
SQL*Loader-00255 Log file for error recovery not used by SQL*Loader
SQL*Loader-00256 SORTED INDEXES option allowed only for direct path
SQL*Loader-00257 TERMINATED BY EOF option not valid with ENCLOSED BY option
SQL*Loader-00258 Maximum number of SORTED INDEXES (number) exceeded on table string
SQL*Loader-00259 Could not escalate DDL share lock to exclusive on table string
SQL*Loader-00260 TERMINATED BY EOF option available only with LOBFILE option
SQL*Loader-00261 illegal use of TERMINATED BY for RAW field
SQL*Loader-00262 PIECED keyword (on column string) allowed only when path is direct
SQL*Loader-00263 PIECED column string must be last specified column in table string
SQL*Loader-00264 File mode token string parsed but ignored
SQL*Loader-00265 Unable to get default character set name.
SQL*Loader-00266 Unable to locate character set handle for string.
SQL*Loader-00267 Control file must be first data file.
SQL*Loader-00268 UNRECOVERABLE keyword may be used only in direct path.
SQL*Loader-00269 Null string not allowed as clause comparison text.
SQL*Loader-00270 TERMINATED BY EOF valid only for CHAR or RAW datatypes
SQL*Loader-00271 Not a Parallel load. Table level OPTIONS statement ignored.
SQL*Loader-00272 Table level OPTIONS statement ignored.
SQL*Loader-00273 READBUFFERS may be used only in direct path.
SQL*Loader-00274 At least 2 read buffers have to be specified.
SQL*Loader-00275 Data is in control file but "INFILE *" has not been specified.
SQL*Loader-00276 Local storage option overrides global storage.
SQL*Loader-00277 Local file specification overrides global file specification.
SQL*Loader-00278 Incorrect file specification for parallel load.
SQL*Loader-00279 Only APPEND mode allowed when parallel load specified.
SQL*Loader-00280 table string is a temporary table
SQL*Loader-00281 Warning: ROWS parameter ignored in parallel mode.
SQL*Loader-00282 Unable to locate character set handle for character set ID (number).
SQL*Loader-00283 file processing string "string" ignored for INFILE *
SQL*Loader-00284 Warning: Input data file string specified multiple times.
SQL*Loader-00285 string may be used only in conventional path.
SQL*Loader-00286 ROWS parameter is not supported when loading an IOT.
SQL*Loader-00287 No control file name specified.
SQL*Loader-00288 Delimiters may not be specified for collections stored in SDF.
SQL*Loader-00289 SQL string for column string occludes SQL string for column string.
SQL*Loader-00290 PIECED keyword (on column string) allowed only for lob or long columns
SQL*Loader-00291 Invalid bind variable string in SQL string for column string.
SQL*Loader-00292 ROWS parameter ignored when an XML, LOB or VARRAY column is loaded
SQL*Loader-00293 Missing XMLTYPE directive in control file for table string
SQL*Loader-00294 invalid name % specified in TREAT AS clause
SQL*Loader-00295 Warning: Table string, Column string - Quoting rule of object attribute bind variables has changed.
SQL*Loader-00296 Bind variable string for column string is ambiguous.
SQL*Loader-00297 Invalid syntax or bind variable in SQL string for column string.
SQL*Loader-00298 Filler field name is too long
SQL*Loader-00299 Virtual column string in table string.string cannot be loaded.
SQL*Loader-00300 error while attempting to enable tracing
SQL*Loader-00301 string for TERMINATED BY or ENCLOSED BY clause is longer than number bytes
SQL*Loader-00303 Non-hex character encountered where hex char expected
SQL*Loader-00304 Illegal combination of non-alphanumeric characters
SQL*Loader-00305 More than one end of file character encountered
SQL*Loader-00306 Token longer than max allowable length of number chars
SQL*Loader-00307 Warning: conflicting lengths number and number specified for column string table string
SQL*Loader-00308 string SQL string of column string must be in double quotes.
SQL*Loader-00309 No SQL string allowed as part of string field specification
SQL*Loader-00310 Interval partition values of table string must be in double quotes.
SQL*Loader-00350 Syntax error at line number.
SQL*Loader-00401 End field position number must be greater than or equal to start number
SQL*Loader-00402 Unable to determine length of column string from specification
SQL*Loader-00403 Referenced column string not present in table string.
SQL*Loader-00404 Column string present more than once in string's INTO TABLE block.
SQL*Loader-00405 Need termination delim with optional enclosure delim: column string table string
SQL*Loader-00406 If data is all generated, number to load cannot be ALL
SQL*Loader-00407 If data is all generated, number to skip is meaningless
SQL*Loader-00408 Physical record stack overflow
SQL*Loader-00409 Number to skip must be table-level, not load-level on continued loads
SQL*Loader-00410 Number to skip must be load-level, not table-level
SQL*Loader-00411 Only a direct path load may be continued
SQL*Loader-00412 More columns specified for table string than the maximum (number)
SQL*Loader-00413 NULLIF or DEFAULTIF clause specified for filler field string in table string.
SQL*Loader-00414 no columns to load for table string
SQL*Loader-00415 column string in table string cannot use and be the object of an SDF or LOBFILE
SQL*Loader-00416 SDF clause for field string in table string references a non existent field.
SQL*Loader-00417 SQL string (on column string) not allowed in direct path.
SQL*Loader-00418 Bad datafile datatype for column string
SQL*Loader-00419 input datatype for column string is not supported when loading varrays
SQL*Loader-00420 unsupported datatype conversion requested for column string in table string
SQL*Loader-00421 error converting data
SQL*Loader-00422 constant element count of number for column string is greater than maximum, number
SQL*Loader-00423 element count is greater than maximum allowed for the column
SQL*Loader-00424 table string makes illegal reference to collection field string
SQL*Loader-00425 column string makes illegal reference to collection field string
SQL*Loader-00426 count of elements in VARRAY string comes after the data for the varray
SQL*Loader-00427 a field condition references a non-scalar field or a LOB field string
SQL*Loader-00428 count for field string not stored in character or integer field
SQL*Loader-00429 insufficient number of elements found for varray
SQL*Loader-00430 NULL nested table element is not allowed
SQL*Loader-00431 illegal NULLIF or DEFAULTIF clause specified for nested table column string
SQL*Loader-00432 converted data too large
SQL*Loader-00433 no attributes found for column object string in table string
SQL*Loader-00434 Can not load LOB/XML in a nested table along with the parent table.
SQL*Loader-00435 invalid constant value string for nested table column string
SQL*Loader-00436 error converting GUID
SQL*Loader-00440 Invalid table specified as scope of a REF
SQL*Loader-00456 end of collection found after number elements when looking for number elements
SQL*Loader-00457 Comparison text of CONTINUEIF LAST must have length 1 not number
SQL*Loader-00458 Comparison text ('string') of CONTINUEIF LAST must be non-whitespace
SQL*Loader-00459 error fetching numeric value for sequence on column (string)
SQL*Loader-00460 Column (string), form of use (number) does not match char set id of (number)
SQL*Loader-00461 direct path loading of datatype for column string not supported
SQL*Loader-00462 error inserting LOB into column string, row number, table string
SQL*Loader-00463 secondary data file for LOB is string
SQL*Loader-00464 file offset for beginning of lob is string
SQL*Loader-00465 string directive expects number arguments, number found.
SQL*Loader-00466 Column string does not exist in table string.
SQL*Loader-00467 attribute string does not exist in type string for table string.
SQL*Loader-00468 OID directive expects 1 argument, number found.
SQL*Loader-00469 SID directive expects 1 argument, number found.
SQL*Loader-00470 table string does not have system generated OID
SQL*Loader-00471 OID or SID clause has an argument that is CONSTANT
SQL*Loader-00472 collections can contain only one non FILLER field specification
SQL*Loader-00473 nesting of collections is not allowed.
SQL*Loader-00474 no value set for dynamic file for column string in table string row number
SQL*Loader-00475 field for dynamic file name is string in table string
SQL*Loader-00476 count of elements for collection is not set or null, 0 will be used
SQL*Loader-00477 REF directive for field string requires at least two arguments
SQL*Loader-00478 unable to continue due to missing filename for LOBFILE or SDF
SQL*Loader-00479 REF directive for column string expects number arguments; found number.
SQL*Loader-00480 EXPRESSION may not be used with elements of a collection.
SQL*Loader-00481 HIDDEN may not be used with non-scalar fields.
SQL*Loader-00486 sql-strings may not be specified for collection field string
SQL*Loader-00487 COUNT clause required for collection string
SQL*Loader-00488 string not a named collection type for filler field string
SQL*Loader-00489 cannot insert NULL object into object table string, row number
SQL*Loader-00490 absolute position is not allowed for inline collections
SQL*Loader-00500 Unable to open file (string)
SQL*Loader-00501 Unable to read file (string)
SQL*Loader-00502 unable to open data file 'string' for field string table string
SQL*Loader-00503 Error appending extension to file (string)
SQL*Loader-00504 Error skipping records in file (string)
SQL*Loader-00505 error reading LOBFILE
SQL*Loader-00506 formatting error reading SDF or LOBFILE string for column string in table string
SQL*Loader-00507 unexpected EOF reading SDF or LOBFILE string for column string in table string
SQL*Loader-00508 record formating error in data file string
SQL*Loader-00509 System error: string
SQL*Loader-00510 Physical record in data file (string) is longer than the maximum(number)
SQL*Loader-00511 Unable to initialize read functions
SQL*Loader-00512 Unable to free read buffer
SQL*Loader-00513 Unable to close file (string)
SQL*Loader-00514 Error getting elapsed time
SQL*Loader-00515 Error getting CPU time
SQL*Loader-00516 Control file (string) has no contents
SQL*Loader-00517 Error decomposing file name (string)
SQL*Loader-00518 Error reassembling file name (string)
SQL*Loader-00520 lfimknam failed for file (string)
SQL*Loader-00521 lfilini failed for file (string)
SQL*Loader-00522 lfiopn failed for file (string)
SQL*Loader-00523 error number writing to file (string)
SQL*Loader-00524 partial record found at end of datafile (string)
SQL*Loader-00525 OCI return status: success
SQL*Loader-00526 OCI return status: success with info
SQL*Loader-00527 OCI return status: no data
SQL*Loader-00528 OCI return status: error
SQL*Loader-00529 OCI return status: invalid handle
SQL*Loader-00530 OCI return status: need data
SQL*Loader-00531 OCI return status: still executing
SQL*Loader-00532 OCI return status: continue
SQL*Loader-00533 OCI return status: unknown, value is number
SQL*Loader-00551 internal error: error initializing slf
SQL*Loader-00552 insufficient privilege to open file
SQL*Loader-00553 file not found
SQL*Loader-00554 error opening file
SQL*Loader-00555 unrecognized processing option
SQL*Loader-00556 unable to allocate read buffer
SQL*Loader-00557 unable to allocate memory
SQL*Loader-00558 attempt to use SKIP parameter with linked-in loader
SQL*Loader-00559 error closing file
SQL*Loader-00560 error reading file
SQL*Loader-00561 end of file
SQL*Loader-00562 record too big
SQL*Loader-00563 bad length for VAR record
SQL*Loader-00564 illegal hexadecimal literal specified for record delimiter
SQL*Loader-00565 unexpected error during skip .
SQL*Loader-00566 partial record found at end of datafile
SQL*Loader-00567 unable to derive file name
SQL*Loader-00568 error writing to file
SQL*Loader-00569 READSIZE parameter exceeds maximum value string for platform
SQL*Loader-00600 Bind size of number bytes increased to number bytes to hold 1 row.
SQL*Loader-00601 For INSERT option, table must be empty. Error on table string
SQL*Loader-00602 Maximum converted length number of column string is too big for bind array
SQL*Loader-00603 Maximum length number of column string is too big for bind array
SQL*Loader-00604 Error occurred on an attempt to commit
SQL*Loader-00605 Non-data dependent ORACLE error occurred -- load discontinued.
SQL*Loader-00606 Object string in INTO TABLE clause is not a local table
SQL*Loader-00607 partition not empty for INSERT option; table string, partition string
SQL*Loader-00608 subpartition not empty for INSERT option; table string, subpartition string
SQL*Loader-00609 value used for ROWS parameter changed from number to number
SQL*Loader-00610 cannot load system partitioned table string; partition name(s) required
SQL*Loader-00620 Initial enclosure character not found
SQL*Loader-00621 Field in data file exceeds maximum length
SQL*Loader-00622 Column not found before end of logical record (use TRAILING NULLCOLS)
SQL*Loader-00623 second enclosure string not present
SQL*Loader-00624 no terminator found after TERMINATED and ENCLOSED field
SQL*Loader-00625 Multibyte character error in control file.
SQL*Loader-00626 Character set conversion buffer overflow.
SQL*Loader-00627 Character set conversion graph not available.
SQL*Loader-00628 Character set conversion error.
SQL*Loader-00640 Variable length field was truncated.
SQL*Loader-00641 Invalid packed decimal nibble.
SQL*Loader-00642 Relative start position > absolute field end position.
SQL*Loader-00643 error executing INSERT statement for table string
SQL*Loader-00644 end of logical record found when reading length of varying length field
SQL*Loader-00645 error converting character length field to a number
SQL*Loader-00646 lob set to EMPTY in column string, row number, table string
SQL*Loader-00647 Integer to number conversion error
SQL*Loader-00649 Quoted string missing closing quote
SQL*Loader-00650 incomplete lob data written for column string, row number, table string
SQL*Loader-00651 error skipping lob for column string, row number, table string
SQL*Loader-00652 Invalid zoned decimal byte.
SQL*Loader-00653 XML data set to NULL in column string, row number, table string
SQL*Loader-00654 Variable length field exceeds maximum length.
SQL*Loader-00655 cannot load object-relational XML attribute using direct path
SQL*Loader-00656 position specification for column string is not allowed in external table loads
SQL*Loader-00700 Out of memory while performing essential allocations [number]
SQL*Loader-00702 Internal error - string
SQL*Loader-00703 Internal error: argument number
SQL*Loader-00704 Internal error: string [number]
SQL*Loader-00705 Internal error
SQL*Loader-00706 Bad argument to ulerr [number].
SQL*Loader-00708 Internal error: unknown status number returned from sllf layer
SQL*Loader-00709 Internal error calling SLTS layer: string failed
SQL*Loader-00710 Internal error: direct path stream buffer not loaded
SQL*Loader-00711 Internal error: bad address for little endian UTF16 conversion
SQL*Loader-00712 Internal error: bad address for big endian UTF16 conversion
SQL*Loader-00713 Internal error calling SLTS layer: string failed with return code [number].
SQL*Loader-00800 string specified and ignored
SQL*Loader-00801 all INTO TABLE clauses must have the same options (string)
SQL*Loader-00802 numeric EXTERNAL with DEFAULTIF clause not supported by External Table
SQL*Loader-00803 string field type not supported by External Table
SQL*Loader-00804 SEQUENCES with intervals are not supported by External Table Load.
SQL*Loader-00805 string not supported by External Table
SQL*Loader-00806 unknown record format specified for data file
SQL*Loader-00807 error loading table
SQL*Loader-00808 error creating sequence: string
SQL*Loader-00809 error dropping sequence: string
SQL*Loader-00810 error creating external table: string
SQL*Loader-00811 error dropping external table: string
SQL*Loader-00812 error creating internal table: string
SQL*Loader-00813 error dropping internal table: string
SQL*Loader-00816 error creating temporary directory object string for file string
SQL*Loader-00817 error dropping directory object string
SQL*Loader-00820 cannot create where clause with range for table string
SQL*Loader-00821 switching to GENERATE_ONLY
SQL*Loader-00822 operation not supported on external organized table
SQL*Loader-00823 TREAT AS clause for object tables not supported for external tables
SQL*Loader-00901 Error logging on to ORACLE:
SQL*Loader-00902 Error opening cursor: [number]
SQL*Loader-00903 Database must be at least version number.number.number.number.number for direct path
SQL*Loader-00904 You cannot used the direct path when linked with v5 of the database
SQL*Loader-00905 Error parsing SQL statement for upi: [number]
SQL*Loader-00906 Error executing SQL statement for upi: [number]
SQL*Loader-00909 Loader views must be loaded (as SYS) for direct path to be used
SQL*Loader-00910 Error binding input variables for upi: [number]
SQL*Loader-00911 Error defining output variable(s) for upi: [number]
SQL*Loader-00913 Error fetching results of select statement (upi): [number]
SQL*Loader-00914 Error locking table string in exclusive mode.
SQL*Loader-00915 Error closing cursor: [number]
SQL*Loader-00916 Error checking path homogeneity
SQL*Loader-00918 The catalog must be loaded (as SYS) for SQL*Loader to be used
SQL*Loader-00919 Error during upi fetch: [number]
SQL*Loader-00925 Error while string
SQL*Loader-00926 OCI error while string for table string
SQL*Loader-00929 Error parsing insert statement for table string.
SQL*Loader-00930 Error parsing insert statement for table string column string.
SQL*Loader-00931 OCI error while binding variable for column string in table string
SQL*Loader-00932 Could not truncate table string.
SQL*Loader-00933 Specified file string not part of database
SQL*Loader-00934 Incorrect data file string specified for table string
SQL*Loader-00935 Error verifying required option for parallel load.
SQL*Loader-00937 parallel load requested and string has enabled triggers or constraints
SQL*Loader-00938 partition load requested and string has enabled triggers or constraints
SQL*Loader-00939 OCI error while string for table string partition string
SQL*Loader-00940 UPI error while setting NCHAR bind attributes for column string table string
SQL*Loader-00941 Error during describe of table string
SQL*Loader-00942 partition string not part of table string
SQL*Loader-00943 incorrect datafile string specified for table string partition string
SQL*Loader-00944 error preparing insert statement for table string.
SQL*Loader-00945 record size number too large for direct path
SQL*Loader-00946 OCI error while string for table string subpartition string
SQL*Loader-00947 subpartition load requested and string has enabled triggers or constraints
SQL*Loader-00948 subpartition string not part of table string
SQL*Loader-00949 incorrect datafile string specified for table string subpartition string
SQL*Loader-00950 Error shipping data structures across 2-task
SQL*Loader-00951 Error calling once/load initialization
SQL*Loader-00952 Error calling once/data file initialization
SQL*Loader-00953 Error shipping read buffer across 2-task
SQL*Loader-00954 Error shipping index to read buffer across 2-task
SQL*Loader-00955 Error calling col array build, block formatter
SQL*Loader-00956 Error calling once/data file finishing
SQL*Loader-00957 Error shipping text string across 2-task
SQL*Loader-00958 Error popping data relocation address stack
SQL*Loader-00959 Error shipping buffer across 2-task
SQL*Loader-00961 Error calling once/load finishing for table string
SQL*Loader-00962 Error setting user-side Ctrl-C handler
SQL*Loader-00963 Error clearing user-side Ctrl-C handler
SQL*Loader-00965 Error number disabling constraint string on table string
SQL*Loader-00966 Error number disabling all triggers on table string
SQL*Loader-00969 Error performing file name translation on kernel side
SQL*Loader-00970 enabled constraint on an XML column not allowed in direct path
SQL*Loader-00971 parallel load option not allowed when loading lob columns
SQL*Loader-00972 Warning: ROWS parameter ignored when NO_INDEX_ERRORS is used.
SQL*Loader-00973 Warning: ROWS parameter ignored when PARTITION_MEMORY is used.
SQL*Loader-02026 the load was aborted because SQL Loader cannot continue.
SQL*Loader-02050 Multibyte character error.
SQL*Loader-03120 Resumable parameters ignored -- current session not resumable
KUP-00552 internal XAD package failed to load
KUP-00554 error encountered while parsing access parameters
KUP-00561 invalid length for binary integer field string
KUP-00562 unknown escape sequence
KUP-00600 internal error, arguments [string] [string] [string] [string] [string]
KUP-00601 fatal XAD error
KUP-01006 error signalled during parse of access parameters
KUP-01007 at line number column number
KUP-01008 the bad identifier was: string
KUP-02000 wrong message file version (msg number not found)
KUP-02001 unrecognized punctuation symbol "string"
KUP-02002 unexpected end of input file reached
KUP-02003 unrecognized character: string
KUP-02004 quoted string too big
KUP-02005 token too big
KUP-02006 script line too long
KUP-03001 fatal error during library cache pre-loading
KUP-03002 end position (number) <= start position (number) for field: string
KUP-03003 absolute end(number) - start(number) != fieldlength (number) for field string
KUP-03004 absolute end (number) specified with relative start (number) for field string
KUP-03005 relative end (number) specified does not match fieldlen(number) for field string
KUP-03006 error initializing handle for character set string
KUP-03007 end position (number) is less than start position (number) for range
KUP-03008 OCI error getting column parameters.
KUP-03009 OCI error getting column name.
KUP-03010 OCI error getting database column type.
KUP-03011 OCI error getting database column size.
KUP-03012 OCI error getting database column precision.
KUP-03013 OCI error getting database column scale.
KUP-03014 OCI error getting datetime fsprecision.
KUP-03015 OCI error getting datetime lfprecision.
KUP-03016 length specified for FIXED records must be greater than 0
KUP-03017 length specified for VARIABLE records must be greater than 0
KUP-03018 invalid date mask "string" specified for column string
KUP-03019 directory object not specified in LOBFILE clause for field string
KUP-03020 empty delimiter specified for record
KUP-03021 clause references unknown field string
KUP-03022 lob data could not be found for field string
KUP-03023 string for TERMINATED BY or ENCLOSED BY clause for record is longer than maximum number
KUP-03024 string for TERMINATED BY or ENCLOSED BY clause for column string is longer than maximum number
KUP-03998 error number formatting KUP message number
KUP-03999 error occurred while processing a date format: ORA-number: string
KUP-04000 error initializing IO state for file string in string
KUP-04001 error opening file string
KUP-04002 error getting file size for file string
KUP-04003 error while closing file string
KUP-04004 error while reading file string
KUP-04005 file operation successful
KUP-04006 file operation failed
KUP-04007 end of file reached
KUP-04008 access to file denied
KUP-04009 invalid SLF handle
KUP-04010 file does not exist
KUP-04011 file system is full
KUP-04012 file length is too large for output field
KUP-04013 other system error
KUP-04014 invalid SLF parameter
KUP-04015 internal SLF error
KUP-04016 unknown SLF status code number
KUP-04017 OS message: string
KUP-04018 partial record at end of file string
KUP-04019 illegal length found for VAR record in file string
KUP-04020 found record longer than buffer size supported, number, in string
KUP-04021 field formatting error for field string
KUP-04022 field start is before start of record
KUP-04023 field start is after end of record
KUP-04024 field end is before field start
KUP-04025 field extends beyond end of record
KUP-04026 field too long for datatype
KUP-04027 file name check failed: string
KUP-04028 conversion of character length to a number failed
KUP-04029 numeric field overflowed
KUP-04030 invalid numeric data
KUP-04031 empty filename specified for LOB file in column string
KUP-04032 internal error string while parsing field string:
KUP-04035 beginning enclosing delimiter not found
KUP-04037 terminator not found
KUP-04038 internal error: string
KUP-04039 unexpected error while trying to find file string in string
KUP-04040 file string in string not found
KUP-04041 error generating full file name for string in string
KUP-04043 table column not found in external source: string
KUP-04044 error positioning file string
KUP-04045 unexpected OCI status string
KUP-04047 error parsing record from external data source
KUP-04048 internal error parsing record from external data source
KUP-04049 record number discarded from file string
KUP-04050 error while attempting to allocate number bytes of memory
KUP-04051 error processing column string in row number for datafile string
KUP-04052 error processing column string in a row for datafile string
KUP-04053 record number number
KUP-04054 internal error: invalid bad row number identified for bad column number
KUP-04055 column string is both a field in the data file and a column transform
KUP-04056 internal error: OCI error while fetching record: number
KUP-04057 internal error: OCI error while fetching record.
KUP-04058 unrecoverable error occurred, operation aborted.
KUP-04059 found EOF in length portion of VARIABLE record in file string
KUP-04060 field string referenced by lobfile column string not found
KUP-04061 directory object string specified for LOBFILE column string is not valid
KUP-04062 no data source specified
KUP-04063 unable to open log file string OS error string
KUP-04064 fatal error during initialization
KUP-04065 error processing LOBFILE for field string
KUP-04066 error initializing access to external table source
KUP-04067 internal error allocating handle type string
KUP-04068 internal error fetching attribute string
KUP-04069 error fetching data for external table
KUP-04070 field string referenced by column transform string not found
KUP-04071 record discarded from file string
KUP-04072 error writing to file string
KUP-04073 record ignored because all referenced fields are null for a record
KUP-04074 no write access to directory object string
KUP-04075 no read access to directory object string
KUP-04076 file name cannot contain a path specification: string
KUP-04077 unknown format specifier in file name string
KUP-04078 invalid file name specified: string
KUP-04079 error fetching list of valid directories
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