Mattel Aquarius character set

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File Format
Name Mattel Aquarius character set
Released 1983

The Mattel Aquarius (see Mattel Aquarius BASIC tokenized file for more information on it) used an 8-bit character set (with 256 characters in the code position range of 0 to 255) that was based on ASCII. The "high-bit" characters (128-255) and the C0 controls were filled in with graphical characters. (Some of the control characters would have to be poked directly into screen memory to see their graphical renditions, since printing a tab, formfeed, carriage return, or bell character would have the control effect rather than the graphical one.)

Character chart

  • Character set graphic
  • You can also use the JSMESS emulation below to go to BASIC command line mode and type PRINT CHR$(i) for various values of i in order to see specific code points.


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