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File Format
Name Liquid Digitized Sample
Extension(s) .lds



Liquid Digitized Sample / Liquid Digital Sample (LDS) is an audio file format developed by Nir Oren in 1996 for use with Liquid Tracker for MS-DOS. The format was placed in the public domain by the author and may be used by any other program, provided credit is given.

While it is not known at this time if the format is used by any other programs, it should be relatively easy to identify files created by such programs, thanks to two features of the format. The first of these is sample crediting - each sample carries the name of the creator, along with the program and soundcard used in its creation. The second of these is the extensible header - new information can be added to the header by setting a new value in the offset at 63h and a new ID stamp at 90h. Thus, even if sample crediting is not used, it may be possible to identify the creating program based on the additional header information added.

The samples are loaded into a Liquid Tracker module, which contains playback information.




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