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|<code>-lz4-</code> || Uncompressed
|<code>-lz4-</code> || Uncompressed
|<code>-lz5-</code> || LZ77/[[LZSS]], 4k window. Almost identical to "SZDD" used in [[MS-DOS installation compression]].
|<code>-lz5-</code> || LZ77/[[LZSS]], 4k window.
|<code>-lz7-</code> ||  
|<code>-lz7-</code> ||  

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File Format
Name LArc
Extension(s) .lzs
Released 1988

LArc (not to be confused with LHarc) is a compressed archiver program for DOS. It was developed by Kazuhiko Miki, with Haruhiko Okumura and Ken Masuyama. Its native file format is sometimes called LZS. It uses generalized LHA format, and was possibly the originator of it. It was based in part on Okumura's LZSS software.

See LHA for more information relevant to LArc format.


[edit] Compression schemes

ID Description and remarks
-lz4- Uncompressed
-lz5- LZ77/LZSS, 4k window.
-lzs- LZ77/LZSS, 2k window

[edit] Identification

One of the listed 5-character LArc compression scheme IDs appears at offset 2.

[edit] Identification of self-extracting archives

LArc (v3.33, at least) can create self-extracting archives in either COM or EXE format (depending on the archive size, apparently). The ASCII substring "SFX by LARC" appears at offset 32 for EXE format, or offset 526 for COM format.

[edit] Software

(Wanted: Other versions of LArc.)

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