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File Format
Name G.729

G.729 is a royalty-free narrow-band vocoder-based audio data compression algorithm using a frame length of 10 milliseconds. It is officially described as Coding of speech at 8 kbit/s using code-excited linear prediction speech coding (CS-ACELP), and was introduced in 1996.

  • G.729: This is the original codec using a high-complexity algorithm.
  • G.729A or Annex A: This version has a medium complexity, and is compatible with G.729. It provides a slightly lower voice quality.
  • G.729B or Annex B: This version extends G.729 with silence suppression, and is not compatible with the previous versions.
  • G.729AB: This version extends G.729A with silence suppression, and is only compatible with G.729B.
  • G.729.1 or Annex J: This version extends G.729A and B with scalable variable encoding using hierarchical enhancement layers. It provides support for wideband speech and audio, using modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) coding.


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