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Software > File identification software

Software that automates the process of Identifying Files.

  • Apache Tika (cross-platform, open source, website): "The Apache Tika™ toolkit detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries." Written in Java.
  • Detect It Easy (website)
  • DROID (cross-platform, open source, website): "DROID is a software tool developed by The National Archives [of the United Kingdom] to perform automated batch identification of file formats." Requires Java 7 or 8 (Version 6.1.5).
  • FIDO (cross-platform, open source) website: Format Identification for Digital Objects, written in Python.
  • FIDOO (web-based online file identification): website
  • File command (various implementations): a standard Unix command, found on almost all Unix and Unix-like (i.e., Linux) systems. See the Debian man page for an overview, and this guide to creating "magic" entries for it.
  • File Information Tool Set: software from the Harvard University library to identify file formats and extract metadata
  • FI Tools (Windows, commercial, website)
  • GetTyp and GT2
  • G-Spot (Windows, freeware, website): Identifies audio and video codecs need to play a media file.
  • IDArc
  • JHOVE (tool to classify/identify/validate file formats)
  • Konvertor (tool to display and convert between 4000+ different formats, freeware website)
  • Magika
  • MediaInfo (cross-platform, open source, website): "MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files."
  • PHP PRONOM drip: Recognize file formats using PRONOM registry (open source, website)
  • Siegfried (signature-based file identification tool): website · blog post · PRONOM:fmt/883
  • TrID (Windows/Linux, free for non-commercial use, website): identifies files using a database of filetype signatures. Also has an online version.
  • The Unarchiver Has a "lsar" tool that identifies archives well
  • 98ripper 98ripper has an identification mode `98ripper -i` that can identify PC-98 disk images
  • ancient ancient tool has an identification mode `ancient identify` to identify various archive formats


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