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Farbfeld Utilities is an public domain open source image processing toolkit, originally released in 2016. Its own native format is farbfeld, although this is not the first program to use that format.

Most of the utilities are self-contained, although a few use other libraries, such as the PNG encoder and decoder uses LodePNG (which is included).

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Format cross-reference

Read util. Write util. Description and remarks Refer to
avsff ffavs Stardent AVS X image AVS X image
bitff ffbit Various raw bitwise indexed colour formats
bmpff Microsoft Windows bitmap BMP
cgaff IBM PC CGA video memory dump
cutff ffcut Dr. Halo .CUT Dr. Halo
fuunff Fuun RNA
gemicnff GEM icon file
gifff Graphics Interchange Format (no animation yet) GIF
jefff Janome Embroidery Format
jpegff ffjpeg JPEG (extra compression options, but no 12-bits or arithmetic) JPEG
macff MacPaint MacPaint
mbff Hero Mesh puzzle set
mcff ffmc Macrocell format (Golly)
ffmiff ImageMagick format MIFF
mppff ffmpp Multi Palette Picture (Atari ST) Multi Palette Picture
mrfff ffmrf Monochrome Recursive Format MRF (Monochrome Recursive Format)
mzmff ffmzm MegaZeux layer-mode MZM MZM
neoff NEOchrome (Atari ST) NEOchrome
ffnrrd Nearly Raw Raster Data NRRD
pbmff ffpbm Netpbm formats (1-6) Netpbm formats
ffpbm Portable Arbitrary Map Portable Arbitrary Map
pmartff Palette Master (Atari ST) Palette Master
pngff ffpng Portable Network Graphics PNG
pngff iPhone PNG CgBI
psytcff ffpsytc Psycopathicteen Tile Compressor (an experimental format for Super Nintendo)
rgbff Raw true colour formats Raw bitmap
sinqlff Sinclair QL Sinclair QL screen
ffsixel Sixel Sixel
vecff DRAWX vector graphics DRAWX Vector Graphics
xbmff ffxbm X bitmap image XBM
xpmff ffxpm X pixmap image (can read and write all three formats) XPM
xyzff ffxyz RPG Maker 2000/2003 .XYZ
xzipff ffxzip Z-machine XZIP Picture Library
zxff ZX Spectrum (including Timex format) SCR (ZX Spectrum)
zztff ZZT world or save game file ZZT
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