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FFmpeg is an open source software project whose main purpose is to convert video and audio formats. It also supports some still image formats. It includes:

  • libavformat, a library for reading and writing "container" formats and other file formats
  • libavcodec, a library of video and audio codecs
  • ffmpeg, a command line format conversion utility
  • ffplay, a simple media player


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The ffmpeg utility has many options. In simplest form, to convert example.fli to example.mkv:

$ ffmpeg -i example.fli example.mkv

FFmpeg considers some file formats to be "formats", and others to be "codecs". You may need to use the -f or -c option to select the input and/or output format. To list the formats supported by your copy of FFmpeg:

$ ffmpeg -formats
$ ffmpeg -codecs


There is a fork of FFmpeg, confusingly named Libav. It is said to be more focused on quality, while FFmpeg is more focused on features.

See also

  • VLC, a popular media player that uses FFmpeg's libavcodec library.
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