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File Format
Name Extensible Music Format
Extension(s) .xmf
LoCFDD fdd000121
PRONOM fmt/714


Extensible Music Format (XMF) is an audio file container format developed by the MIDI Manufacturers Association. It is designed around the idea of containing all the files necessary for a musical piece - Standard MIDI Files, WAV samples, etc. The format consists of two parts - the XMF Meta-File Format, which is used by all XMF files, and a series of XMF file types designed for different purposes.

There are currently five different XMF file types:

  • Type 0: Contains Standard MIDI Files and Downloadable Sounds. MIDI data can be streamed.
  • Type 1: As Type 0, but the MIDI data cannot be streamed
  • Type 2 (Mobile XMF): Designed for use by mobile phones. Supports Scalable Polyphony MIDI and Mobile Downloadable Sounds content.
  • Type 3 (Audio Clips for Mobile XMF Files): Also designed for use by mobile phones. Allows digital audio clips to be placed on the MIDI timeline, supports ID3 metadata and can use Mobile Phone Control messages to control non-audio devices such as LEDs
  • Type 4 (Interactive XMF): Designed primarily for use in games, this is designed around the needs of interactive audio.


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