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File Format
Name EAS3
Extension(s) .eas


General description

This page describes the EAS3 file format. It is the product of a toolkit intended to help transfer floating point data between computers, to convert it to other formats and process it. It is intended to help deal with problems such as endianness and floating point implementation differences between computers. EAS stands for Ein Ausgabe System.

The format was designed by the Institut für Aerodynamik und Gasdynamik (IAG) of the Universität Stuttgart, and is described in their EAS3 web pages. (This site has an out-of-date certificate; it claims that a new wiki is under development but not yet available.)

Other information

The format is referenced in the Wikipedia page on EAS3.

EAS3 is a successor to EAS2. The EAS3 web site shows a version history. It is published under the GPL-compatible MIT licence, and therefore can be considered Open.


Include processing and/or migration information, eg:

The file format can be processed using the EAS3 command-line software program from the same source..


The file extension is .eas. The Magic number is EAS3_I8R8.

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