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File Format
Name DRAWX Vector Graphics
Extension(s) .vec
Released 1991

A vector graphics format for use with a program called DRAWX.


The first byte is probably "P" while the byte fifth from last is probably "X".


Consists of a number of five-byte records, each consisting of the command code (a single ASCII character), followed by two small-endian 16-bit numbers (the X and Y coordinates). The commands are:

  • P: Set the current position to the specified position.
  • L: Draw a straight line segment from the previous current position to the specified position, and then set the new current position to the specified position.
  • X: End of file. X and Y coordinates are ignored.

The drawing area has the top-left corner at (0,0) and the bottom right corner at (1000,1000); these numbers are then scaled to fit into the drawing rectangle.

(Note: This description is not an "official" description of the file format, although it works with the known files.)


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