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File Format
Name Corel Photo House
Extension(s) .cps
PRONOM fmt/1422

Corel Photo House is a discontinued photo editor and paint program. It is a component of some editions of Corel Print House and Corel Print Office, and was reportedly bundled with some scanners.

It has a native .cps file format, which (according to TrID [1]) is based on Microsoft Compound File format.

Photo House was succeeded by Corel Photo-Paint.

File Identification

Corel Photo House came bundled with Corel Print House and Print Office along with some Corel Gallery titles. Photo House 2.1 did not use .CPS as its native format, .CPS was introduced in version 3.

  • Corel Photo House version 2.1 came bundled with Print Office v3 and some Clip Art Gallery collections.
  • Corel Photo House version 3 came bundled with Print House Magic 4
  • Corel Photo House version 5 came bundled with Print Office 2000


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