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== Multi-Format Converter Suites ==
== Multi-Format Converter Suites ==
== 3D ==
* [[MilkShape 3D]]
== Archives ==
== Archives ==

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Software > Conversion Software

[edit] Multi-Format Converter Suites

[edit] 3D

[edit] Archives

[edit] Audio

[edit] Binary Data

[edit] Character Encoding

  • Iconv (various implementations)

[edit] Database

  • Embulk (open-source data transfer utility to exchange data among databases, cloud services, and file formats) (Site, List of plugins)

[edit] Document

  • librevenge (Library to make document-format converters, open-source, [2])
  • MacLinkPlus (68K and PowerPC Mac, commercial, discontinued, [3])
  • Pandoc (multi-format document converter, specializing in markup and word processor formats, open-source, [4])
  • WinConv (Windows, commercial, [5])

[edit] Ebooks

[edit] Encryption

[edit] Graphics

Refer to Graphics software.

[edit] Interactive Fiction

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Saved Games

[edit] Video

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