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File Format
Name BWF
Extension(s) .wav
MIME Type(s) audio/x-wav
LoCFDD fdd000356, fdd000357, others
PRONOM fmt/1, fmt/2, fmt/527, others

BWF (or Broadcast WAVE, BWAVE) is used for broadcast exchange and as an archival format for first-generation (master) audio files. BWF extends the WAV standard with a mandatory metadata chunk and restricts the audio datastream to Linear PCM (LPCM) or MPEG forms. RF64 is a compatible extended form of this format.


Format Version PRONOM LoCFDD Remarks
Broadcast WAVE 0 fmt/1
Broadcast WAVE 0, PCM Encoding fmt/703
Broadcast WAVE 0, MPEG Encoding fmt/706
Broadcast WAVE 0, WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE Encoding fmt/709
Broadcast WAVE 1 fmt/2 fdd000356
Broadcast WAVE 1, PCM Encoding fmt/704 fdd000003
Broadcast WAVE 1, MPEG Encoding fmt/707
Broadcast WAVE 1, WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE Encoding fmt/710
Broadcast WAVE 2 fmt/527 fdd000357
Broadcast WAVE 2, PCM Encoding fmt/705 fdd000359
Broadcast WAVE 2, MPEG Encoding fmt/708
Broadcast WAVE 2, WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE Encoding fmt/711
RF64 fmt/712 Refer to RF64.
RF64 Multichannel fmt/713


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