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Name Atari graphics formats

This is a list of graphics formats used on Atari 8-bit, ST, Falcon, and Portfolio computers. More information may be available from the web pages and documentation associated with the RECOIL software listed below.


Raster graphics formats

(This is the default section. It has not been confirmed that all the formats listed here are actually raster formats.)

Application or format Ext. Platform Notes and links
AP* .256, .ap2, .apa, .apc, .plm 8-bit
Anime 4ever slideshow .a4r 8-bit
Apac3 APP .app 8-bit
Atari CAD .drg 8-bit
AtariGraphics (.mic) 8-bit
Atari Player Editor .apl 8-bit
AtariTools-800 .agp, .pla, .4pl, .mis, .4mi, .4pm 8-bit
Art Director .art ST
Artist (David Eaton) (.art) 8-bit
BG9, G09 .bg9, .g09 8-bit
Blazing Paddles window .wnd 8-bit [1]
Bugbiter APAC239i .bgp 8-bit
Calamus Raster Graphic .crg ST
Canvas (Atari)‎ .cpt, .cnv ST
Champions' Interlace .cci, .cin 8-bit
COKE .tg1 Falcon
ColorViewSquash .rgb 8-bit
C.O.L.R. Object Editor .mur, .pal ST
ComputerEyes .ce1, .ce2, .ce3 ST
Crack Art‎ .ca1, .ca2, .ca3 ST
Cut Creator .cut 8-bit
Cyber Paint Cell .cel ST
Dali .sd0, .sd1, .sd2, .lpk, .mpk, .hpk ST
DEGAS image (DEGAS, DEGAS Elite) .pi1, .pi2, .pi3, .pc1, .pc2, .pc3 ST
DEGAS Elite block .bl1, .bl2, .bl3 ST = ILBM
DEGAS Elite brush .bru ST
DEGAS Elite icon .icn ST
DelmPaint .del, .dph Falcon
DeskPic .gfb ST
DuneGraph .dg1, .dc1 Falcon
Digi Paint .ap3, .apv, .dgi, .dgp, .ilc 8-bit
DIN .din 8-bit
Doodle (Atari) .doo ST
DrawIt (Atari) (.dit) 8-bit
DUO .du1, .du2, .duo ST
EggPaint .trp Falcon
Enhanced Simplex / TmS Cranach .esm ST, Falcon
EscalPaint .esc 8-bit [2]
Extended DEGAS image .pi4, .pi5, .pi6, .pi7, .pi8, .pi9 TT, Falcon
EZ-Art Professional .eza ST [3]
Falcon True Color .ftc Falcon
Floor Designer .fge 8-bit
Fuckpaint (see Extended DEGAS image) .pi4, .pi9 Falcon [4]
Fullscreen Construction Kit .kid ST
Fun with Art .fwa 8-bit
Funny Paint .fun Falcon
GED .ged 8-bit
GEM Raster (GEM Bit Image, Extended GEM Bit Image) .img, .ximg ST
GEM-View Dither .dit ST
Gephard Hires Graphics .ghg 8-bit
GFA Artist .art ST
GodPaint .god Falcon
Graph .all 8-bit
Graph2Font .mch, .g2f 8-bit
GR* .gr7, .gr8, .gr9, .gr9p, .g10, .g11 8-bit
Graphic Arts Department .pic 8-bit
Graphics Processor .pg1, .pg2, .pg3 ST
Grass' Slideshow .hpm 8-bit
Hard Interlace Picture .hip 8-bit
HighresMedium .hrm ST
HiRes Player Missile .hpm
HR .hr 8-bit
HCI .hci, .hr2 8-bit
ICDRAW icon .ibi, .ib3 Falcon
ICE (Atari) .icn, .imn, .ipc, .ip2 8-bit
ImageLab .b&w, .b_w Falcon
IMG Scan .rwl, .rwh, .raw Falcon
IndyPaint .tru Falcon
ING 15 .ing 8-bit
InterPainter .inp, .ins 8-bit
InShape IIM .iim TT, Falcon
INT95a .int 8-bit
Interchange File Format / ILBM .iff ST
Interlace Graphics Editor .ige 8-bit
Interlace Logo Designer .ild 8-bit
Atari Interlaced Studio .ist 8-bit
Jet Graphics Planner .jgp 8-bit
KFX .kfx 8-bit
Koala MicroIllustrator .pic 8-bit
Kompresor do Animatora .kpr 8-bit
Larka Edytor Obiekt .leo 8-bit
Ludek Maker .ldm 8-bit
Mad Designer .mbg 8-bit
Mad Studio .gr1, .gr2, .gr3 8-bit
Magic Painter (.mgp) 8-bit
Mamut .rys 8-bit
Marco Pixel Editor .cpi 8-bit
McPainter .mcp 8-bit
MCS .mcs 8-bit
MegaPaint .bld ST
Micro Illustrator / Graphics 15 .mic 8-bit
Movie Maker .bkg, .shp 8-bit
Multi Palette Picture‎ .mpp ST
NEOchrome .neo ST
NEOchrome Master .neo, .rst ST
NeoDesk icon .nic ST
Overscan Interlaced .pci ST
PabloPaint .ppp, .pa3
PaintPro .pic ST
PaintShop .psc, .da4 ST
Paintworks .cl[0-2], .pg[0-2], .sc[0-2] ST
Palette Master .art ST
Paradox .mcpp 8-bit
PGC (Portfolio Graphics Compressed) .pgc Portfolio
PGF (Portfolio Graphics) .pgf Portfolio
PGX (Portfolio) .pgx Portfolio
PhotoChrome .pcs ST
Picture Packer .pp1, .pp2, .pp3 ST
Picworks .cp3 ST
PixArt .pix Falcon
PL4 .pl4 ST
PMG Designer .pmd 8-bit
PowerGraphics .pgr 8-bit
Print-Technik .hir Falcon
Pryzm Artist .pzm 8-bit
Public Painter .cmp ST
QuantumPaint .pbx ST
RAG-D .rag Falcon
RAMbrandt (.rm0, .rm1, .rm2, .rm3, .rm4) 8-bit
Rembrandt .tcp Falcon
RGB Intermediate Format .rgb ST
Rocky Interlace Picture .rip 8-bit
SAMAR Hires Interlace .shc 8-bit
Signum! .imc ST [5]
Sinbad Slideshow .ssb ST
Sketch-PadDles .skp 8-bit
SlideShow for VBXE .dap 8-bit
Spectrum 512 formats .spc, .sps, .spu ST
Spectrum 512 Extended .spx ST
Spooky Sprites .trs, .trp, .tre Falcon
STAD .pac ST
Standard Graphics 3 (Atari) .sg3 8-bit
Super IRG .irg, .ir2 8-bit
Synthetic Arts .srt ST
Taquart Interlace Picture .tip 8-bit
Technicolor Dream .lum, .col 8-bit
Texture Editor .txe 8-bit
Texture Maker0 .tx0 8-bit
Tiny Stuff .tn1, .tn2, .tn3, .tny ST
Tobias Richter Fullscreen Slideshow .pci ST
TruePaint / Prism Paint .tpi, .pnt Falcon
Trzmiel .cpr 8-bit
TXS .txs 8-bit
VertiZontal Interlacing .vzi 8-bit
Vidig Paint .rap 8-bit
XGA .xga Falcon
XL-Paint .xlp, .max, .raw 8-bit

Animation formats

Application or format Ext. Platform Notes
Ani ST .scr, .str ST
Animaster Sprite Bank .asb ST
Animatic Film .flm ST
Cybermate Delta Animation .dlt [6]
Cyber Paint Sequence .seq ST
Imagic Film/Picture .ic1, .ic2, .ic3 ST
NEOchrome Animation .ani ST
Spectrum 512 Anispec .sps ST
STOS .mbk ST

Vector graphics formats

Application or format Ext. Platform Notes and links
Ani ST .scr, .str ST
Blazing Paddles shape table .shp 8-bit
GEM VDI Metafile .gem
The Graphics Magician Picture Painter .spc 8-bit

Character graphics formats

Application or format Ext. Platform Notes and links
Ascii-Art Editor .art 8-bit
Dir Logo Maker .dlm 8-bit
Envision .map 8-bit
Semi-Graphic logos Editor .sge 8-bit

Font formats

Application or format Ext. Platform Notes and links
AtariTools-800 4x8 font .acs 8-bit
Blazing Paddles font .chr 8-bit
Daisy-Dot font .nlq 8-bit
DEGAS Elite Font .fnt [7]
FNT 8x8 font .fnt 8-bit
GDOS Font .fnt ST [8]
Interlace Character Editor font .ice 8-bit
Signum font .p9, .p24, .e24, .l30 ST
Super-IRG 4x8 font .sif 8-bit
SXS 16x16 font .sxs 8-bit
Warp9 Font .fnt [9]


Atari ST transparent file compression

This is an excerpt from the AtariSTPlusPicView.txt "readme" file, from the Atari ST Plus Picture Viewer v1.15 software by Ben Jos Walbeehm:

Compression was used very often on the Atari ST and in a more elegant way than giving the files extensions like .zip, .rar, .7z, .cab, .gz, .z, and so on. When an image was packed/compressed, it often kept its own extension. So if a file called "image.tny" were compressed with some packer, the resulting file would still be called "image.tny". If the system had the correct tools installed, this would all still work. Those tools would unpack the file transparently to the user. On a PC, this would be like zipping a file called "example.txt", calling the resulting file "example.txt", and having it unzip automatically and displayed in Notepad (or whatever other text editor) when opened.

So there are quite a few Atari ST pictures that you can download from the internet that have been compressed by some external packer.

It lists some examples: Atomik Cruncher, LZ77 (ray/.tSCc.), Pack-Ice, PowerPacker, SpeedPacker, StoneCracker, and Turbo Packer.


Sample files


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