Android File Structure

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File Format
Name Android File Structure
Note: this is very work in progress.
Path Description
/system Stores most system files. It can be accessed with file manager apps on an unrooted device, and written with root permission. An option in recovery mode can mount this partition to a PC, Macintosh, Chromebook, iDevice, or even another Android device.
/data Stores most user data. This is the hardest partition to access without root, hardware hacks, rootkit malware, or expensive forensic tools
/storage a root-point for shared storage, includes mounted sd cards and usb otgs and also internal storage.
/storage/emulated/0/ Stores regular storage that can be accessed by your local file manager app. This includes photos, music, and downloads.
/data/user/0/ Stores app data and cache.
/data/data/ Shortcut to /data/user/0/
/data/misc Stores miscellaneous data.
/data/misc/wifi Stores WiFi data including passwords.
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