Amber ARR Bitmap Image

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File Format
Name Amber ARR Bitmap Image
Extension(s) .arr

An Amber ARR Bitmap Image is apparently a raster graphics format (apparently associated with a microscope). It is difficult to find any more information about it than that its file extension is .arr. Googling "Amber Arr" yields as its first result this individual's Facebook page; she apparently has the same name as the graphic format. Some other social-network pages might be the same person or others of the same name. Googling "Amber ARR Bitmap Image" gets more relevant things, but they still all seem to be those cookie-cutter "What is a .XYZ file?" pages that shoot up like weeds regarding every conceivable extension and rarely have much useful information, as well as some pages advertising file-conversion software that supposedly supports this format. Maybe one of you will have more luck finding actual format details and can post them here.

Does this have anything to do with ARR from Cubase, a music format? Probably not.

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