ART (PFS: First Publisher)

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File Format
Name ART (PFS: First Publisher)
Extension(s) .art
See ART for other formats with that name.

PFS: 1st Publisher Clip Art Format (ART) is an uncompressed bi-level image file format.

Format details

[Partial decoding, based on open source software, and analysis of ART files.]

Multi-byte integers are little-endian.

Offset Length Field Details
0 2 Unknown. Observed to be 0.
2 2 width Image width in pixels
4 2 Unknown. Observed to be 0.
6 2 height Image height in pixels
8 image_data Pixels are in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order. 8 pixels per byte, most significant bit first, black is 0. Rows are padded to the next 2-byte boundary.


Sample files

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