APF Imagination Machine disk file system

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File Format
Name APF Imagination Machine disk file system
Released 1979

The APF Imagination Machine disk file system was the file system used on the disk drive for the late-1970s personal computer / game console from APF. The disk drive (5 1/4") was an add-on not included with the computer, which came with a tape drive. It is difficult to find online documentation for the disk drive, its disks, and the associated file system, since these are not documented in the manuals for the computer itself as they were not included with it. (If somebody has the manuals for the disk drive, it would be helpful to scan and upload them somewhere that they can be linked here, such as the Internet Archive.) One use for it was to store BASIC programs.

File types are indicated by letters, which include S (which is what BASIC programs are stored as) and I (used for data files).

The emulator linked below will load and save emulated disks of the APD format, from which it may be possible to reverse-engineer details of the file system.


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