AOI (Art of Illusion)

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File Format
Name AOI (Art of Illusion)
Extension(s) .aoi
Wikidata ID Q770497

AOI (Art of Illusion model) is the file format for saved models in the open-source design program Art of Illusion. Given its open-source status, one might hope that the format would be well-documented and designed for interoperability, but this is unfortunately not true. Instead, the format is basically a raw dump of the program's data structures, and the best way to attempt to document it would be to dig through the source code. You'd probably be lucky if compatibility is maintained between different versions of Art of Illusion or builds for different platforms.

Scripting can be done within AOI using the Groovy scripting language.

Format Information

AOI files are compressed using GZIP, uncompressed file may have ascii, artofillusion.image or artofillusion.material, etc.

Sample files


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