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      <c size="106" pages="106" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">3D and CAD/CAM Models</c>
      <c size="4" pages="4" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">AOL</c>
      <c size="8" pages="8" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">APF</c>
      <c size="0" pages="0" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">Accounting</c>
      <c size="7" pages="6" files="0" subcats="1" xml:space="preserve">Acorn computers</c>
      <c size="13" pages="13" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">Address books and contacts</c>
      <c size="54" pages="52" files="0" subcats="2" xml:space="preserve">Adobe</c>
      <c size="3" pages="3" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">Agriculture</c>
      <c size="5" pages="5" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">Amazon</c>
      <c size="44" pages="44" files="0" subcats="0" xml:space="preserve">Amiga</c>
    <allcategories acfrom="Amiga graphics formats" />