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'''ReFS''' (REsilient FileSystem) is Microsoft new filesystem, present on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016.

== Links ==
* [ Resilient File System Overview] on MSDN
* [ ReFS forensics]

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|subcat=Electronic Publishing formats

== Description ==

[[RePub]] is a file format that is [ used by Google Newsstand Producer], an online platform that allows publishers to prepare content for the Google Play Newsstand app. The format is based on [[EPUB]] v2, and was adapted from Barnes &amp; Noble's [[Digital Replica Plus]] format. RePub supports two reading modes:

1. ''Replica View'' - replicates the original (print) magazine layout using full-screen images for each page.

2. ''Text View'' -  a reflowable representation of the text and images of an article.

A Replica page can refer to one or more text articles. Replica pages and text articles are linked through a &lt;code&gt;replicaMap.xml&lt;/code&gt; resource. This allows users of the Newsstand app to navigate from a replica page to the corresponding text articles. Apart from the Replica Map and the page images, a [[RePub]] file is a regular [[EPUB]] that should pass validation in EpubCheck.

== Specification ==

A specification exists, but Google has not made it publicly available. 

== Links ==

* [ Google Play Newsstand Program Policies] 
* [ Google Newsstand Producer]
* [ The Barnes &amp; Noble Fixed-layout Format] (Archived link, snapshot 5 April 2014)

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