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File Format
Name xbill.scores
Extension(s) .scores
MIME Type(s) text/plain

xbill.scores is the file used by the computer game XBill to store its high scores. The format of the file is plain text, and it stores everything in the prearranged columns separated by spaces. There are two columns: name and score. The first one can theoretically consist of up to 26 characters (does the game allow entry of such?). The score column starts at the character 27 and is written as a decimal number with spaces separating every three digits. There is no newline character at the end of the file.

The file can reside in /var/games directory and usually has xbill.scores.default that is used in the event of the user wanting to reset scores or in case of file corruption.


brian                     10 2000
matias                    9 1800
me                        8 1600
me                        7 1400
me                        6 1200
me                        5 1000
me                        4 800
me                        3 600
me                        2 400
me                        1 200
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