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== Software ==
== Software ==
* [[Konvertor]]
* [http://imageconverter.rest7.com/ Rest7 Online Image Converter]
* [http://imageconverter.rest7.com/ Rest7 Online Image Converter]

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File Format
Name XGA (Falcon)
Extension(s) .xga

XGA is a family of raw bitmap formats associated with Atari Falcon computers.

It is the same as Falcon True Color, except that the image dimensions may be different.


[edit] Disambiguation

In the PC world, XGA (Extended Graphics Array) was one of the successors to VGA graphics. It probably does not have any relationship to Atari Falcon XGA.

[edit] Format details

There are apparently at least two kinds of XGA image files:

  • File size 153600, 320×240, 16 bits/pixel
  • File size 368640, 384×480, 16 bits/pixel

Some XGA files may be compressed with Pack-Ice.

[edit] Software

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