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File Format
Name Winstep Xtreme theme
Extension(s) .xtreme
Released 1999[1]

A Winstep Xtreme theme is a theme/skin for Winstep (not related to NeXTSTEP, despite the name), a suite of Windows "desktop enhancement" programs that replaces the default shell and adds "widgets" to the desktop, originally written by Jorge Coelho and John T. Folden[1]. Winstep Xtreme themes can also set the desktop background. The website claims that it is available for up to Windows 10[2], but it seems like these things had their heyday in the Windows XP era, when extremely elaborate GUI decorations were newly possible, and therefore a novelty.

A Winstep Xtreme theme is a ZIP file containing (in a flat directory structure) the main (shared) theme images, as well as elements specific to its subprograms, which are:



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