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|released=ca. 2001

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File Format
Name Windows Media Playlist
Extension(s) .wpl
PRONOM fmt/589
Released ca. 2001

The Windows Media Playlist format stores playlist information in versions 9-12[1] of Windows Media Player, which stretches from late versions of Windows 98 to Windows Vista[2] (after which Windows Media Player itself was discontinued[3]), but mostly overlaps with the widely-used Windows XP. Windows Media Playlists are based on the SMIL standard, which is itself based on XML.

See also M3U and ASX, which Windows Media Player could write[4] and perhaps read.


[edit] Specifications

[edit] Software

  • Windows Media Player, included with the relevant Windows copies
  • The "Windows Media Playlist Generator" by Brad Huggins

[edit] Links

Also see the references.

[edit] References

  1. Wikipedia:Windows Media Player Playlist
  3. Wikipedia:Windows Media Player see lede
  4. → Saving WPL Playlist Files as ASX Playlist Files in Windows Media Player → Step 3 → Screenshot
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