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Windows 8 is a version of Microsoft Windows, released as the successor to Windows 7 with the usual hype attendant on every Windows version from Windows 95 on. It encountered much more resistance from users, however, due to its radical changes in user interface in an attempt to unify the interface of everything from desktop computers to touch-screen mobile devices, resulting in an interface that was not particularly optimal for any of the devices. The new interface was originally referred to as "Metro", but this name was soon dropped. Some semblance of the "classic" Windows interface could be found if you dug around enough.

In response to the user dislike, a later revision called Windows 8.1 fixed some of the issues, but many users are still sticking with earlier Windows versions.

Continuing the version-numbering perversity where Windows 7 was internally referred to as version 6.1, Windows 8 is actully version 6.2.

In imitation of the "app stores" of other platforms, Microsoft launched an online store for downloading Windows apps, but this is reputed to be full of scammy stuff, an inverse complaint to the one about Apple's store that it is too tightly policed.


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