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== Independent implementations ==
== Independent implementations ==
* [https://whatfreewords.org/ WhatFreeWords]
* [https://whatfreewords.org/ WhatFreeWords]
* [https://whatfreewords.org/about.html Description of algorithm in WhatFreeWords site]
[[Category:Naming and numbering systems]]
[[Category:Naming and numbering systems]]

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File Format
Name What3words

what3words is a system for identifying locations on the Earth's surface by a group of three words, each such combo corresponding to a 3-by-3 meter square. It is intended as an addressing system to replace such things as street addresses and latitude-and-longitude coordinates. Its system is proprietary, and they have used takedown notices in an attempt to squelch open-sourced reverse-engineered implementations of it, causing some flack. At least one such implementation is still currently online.

The algorithm uses a list of words and a hashing system where nearby points have totally different words connected with them.

Official sites and apps

Independent implementations

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