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** [https://web.archive.org/web/20040617155141/http://www.webex.com/customercare/downloads-player.html Version from 2004]
** [https://web.archive.org/web/20040617155141/http://www.webex.com/customercare/downloads-player.html Version from 2004]
* [https://help.webex.com/en-us/WBX000026388/WRF2WMV-Converter WRF2WMV]: Convert to [[WMV]]
* [https://help.webex.com/en-us/WBX000026388/WRF2WMV-Converter WRF2WMV]: Convert to [[WMV]]
* [https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/wrf-converter.html Video Converter Factory]: Probably malware, with a very dubious claim to support the format. Did nothing but crash at startup when tested.
== Links ==
== Links ==

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File Format
Name Webex Recording Format
Extension(s) .wrf
Released Between 1995[1] and 2003[2]

Webex Recording Format (WRF) is a proprietary video container format used to store recordings created by Webex, a video conferencing program used mainly in business environments. It appears, based on mentions of a specific codec not "being accepted" by a conversion program[3], to be a container format; the fact that it can use the H.264 codec[3] suggests that it may internally use other widely-used formats, as well. It is possible that it may record other details of the video conference, such as text chat, as well.[4] It succeeded WOT and was succeeded by Advanced Recording Format. It seems to share the magic number ASCII WOTF ("WOT File", presumably) with WOT[5][6].


Sample Files




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