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* [ Sample VDX file (2007)]
* [ Sample VDX file (2007)]
* [ Sample VTX file (2007)]
* [ Sample VTX file (2007)]
* [ Older Visio Samples]
== Software ==
== Software ==

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File Format
Name Visio
Extension(s) .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .vsdx, .vssx, .vstx, .vsdm, .vssm, .vstm, .vsw, .vsl
MIME Type(s) application/vnd.visio
LoCFDD fdd000021
PRONOM fmt/442, others
Wikidata ID Q29439653
Released 1992

Visio is a vector-graphic diagramming program by Microsoft, part of some versions of their Office suite. It was formerly an independent program from Shapeware.[1]


[edit] File versions

[edit] Proprietary binary

  • VSD: Drawing
  • VSS: Stencil
  • VST: Template

[edit] DataDiagrammingML (XML)

Main article: DataDiagrammingML

  • VDX: Drawing
  • VSX: Stencil
  • VTX: Template

[edit] OPC/XML

  • VSDX: Drawing[2]
  • VSDM: Drawing, macro-enabled
  • VSSX: Stencil
  • VSSM: Stencil, macro-enabled
  • VSTX: Template
  • VSTM: Template, macro-enabled

[edit] Other

  • VSW: Visio Workspace
  • VSL: Add-on

[edit] Identifiers

Format Version Ext. PRONOM
Microsoft Visio Generic .vsd fmt/442
Visio Drawing 2.0 .vsd
Visio Drawing 3.0 .vsd
Visio Drawing 4.0 .vsd
Microsoft Visio Drawing 5.0 .vsd x-fmt/113
Microsoft Visio Drawing 2000 .vsd x-fmt/258
Microsoft Visio Drawing 2002 .vsd x-fmt/259
Microsoft Visio Drawing 2003-2010 .vsd fmt/443
Microsoft Visio XML Drawing 2003-2010 .vdx fmt/216
Microsoft Visio Drawing 2013 .vsdx fmt/924
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing 2013 .vsdm fmt/927
Microsoft Visio Template 2013 .vstx fmt/926
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Template 2013 .vstm fmt/929
Microsoft Visio Stencil 2013 .vssx fmt/925
Microsoft Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil 2013 .vssm fmt/928

[edit] Related formats

[edit] Sample files

[edit] Software

[edit] References

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