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** [[AVI]]
** [[AVI]]
* [[Webex Recording Format]]
* [[Webex Recording Format]]
* [[WOF]]
* [[WOT]]
=== Single-stream container formats ===
=== Single-stream container formats ===

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File Format
Name Video


Formats related to video and multimedia.



Pure video formats

These formats are "monolithic" video formats, meaning that the file format and the encoding of the video data are tied to each other.

See also Graphics#Animated image formats, and the #Video application formats section below.

Video container formats

These formats are only containers for video, which can contain videos in many different encodings (or even other data like audio).

See also the #Video application formats section below, for some higher-level container-like formats.

Single-stream container formats

Video stream formats

A.k.a. codecs, these formats are raw bitstream formats commonly contained in one of the above containers (though some can be used on their own, in one way or another).

Video application formats

An application format is a name for a set of restrictions and extensions to a standard container format. It may (or may not) be restricted to a small set of stream formats. Some such formats are called profiles.

Standards suites

Metadata formats

  • F4M (Flash Media Manifest)
  • SRR (reScene files)
  • SRS (reSample files)

Subtitle formats

Interactive media files

(generally accompany video streams and other multimedia, tying them together in a presentation or user-interaction as on a disc)

  • BDMV (Blu-ray disc files for user interactivity)
  • CLPI (Blu-ray disc clip info files)
  • MPLS (Blu-ray disc playlists)

Video Developer/Editor files

Video streaming services

Television broadcast formats

Also see Chyron for on-screen graphics.

See Radio for more details of how such broadcasts are transmitted.

3D video


These formats might eventually get sorted into the above categories, or might not quite fit in any of them.


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