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(Video stream formats: VobSub is the name of the software, but SUB/IDX are the file extension it creates. Dunno which makes more sense)
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* [[VC-1]]
* [[VC-1]]
* [[VC-3]]
* [[VC-3]]
* [[VobSub]]
==Subtitle formats==
* [[SUB]] and IDX ([[VobSub]] subtitle format)
* [[SSA]] and ASS (SubStation Alpha)
* [[SRT]] (SubRip)
* [[SMI]] (SAMI subtitle format)
* [[USF]] (Universal Subtitle Format)
* [[SSF]] (Structured Subtitle Format)

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File Formats > Electronic File Formats > Video


Pure video formats

These formats are "monolithic" video formats, meaning that the file format and the encoding of the video data are tied to each other.

Video container formats

These formats are only containers for video, which can contain videos in many different encodings (or even other data like audio)

Video stream formats

These formats are raw bitstream formats commonly contained in one of the above containers (but not necessarily)

Subtitle formats

  • SUB and IDX (VobSub subtitle format)
  • SSA and ASS (SubStation Alpha)
  • SRT (SubRip)
  • SMI (SAMI subtitle format)
  • USF (Universal Subtitle Format)
  • SSF (Structured Subtitle Format)


These formats still need to be sorted into the above categories

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