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* - loadsa trackers
* - loadsa trackers
* - FM-Kingtracker
* - FM-Kingtracker
* - Format Identifiers
* - Adlib Formats
* - Format Documentation (loads of it!)

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I realise the Mario Paint stuff seems kinda weird but I love stumbling across these weird little subcultures.

Specialization is not a vice! --Jason Scott (talk) 21:45, 29 October 2012 (UTC)

Going to just use this as a TODO / link dump for the moment.

Currently working on

Audio: Bringing over the list of file formats from UnExoticA DONE

Adding basic info to PSF and daughter formats. DONE

Disambiguation pages for RAW (RAW (Adlib), RAW (Sample) DONE

Work on something similar to

add stuff from here -

and here -

and here -

loads of potentially useful stuff here -

more amiga stuff -

Link Dump


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