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About me:

IT tech for Windows, Linux and Apple systems. Have run every Windows OS since 3.1, every Apple OS since 6.0, and run Mint Linux, Debian, Scientific Linux, and Puppy to name a few.

Started on the Internet back in 1996 using a 14k modem making a slip connection to a state education network. Wrote JCL at the university I was employed at by day, and telneted into the mainframe at night from home to compile and error check using a Macintosh running OS 9. Moved from there into desktop/lan support where, in addition to typical desktop support, created Novell App Launcher pushes to distribute software to end users. I managed a WUS server as well.

I have been active on Usenet since 1998, notably helping to form news.newusers.questions where I served as a moderator for a time. Those good people still list me as Moderator Emeritus :-) I shamelessly stole Randall Nelson's alt.cesium FAQ and maintain it and other Cesium related docs at alt.cesium to this day.

I dabble in creating executable programs for the windows platform, notably encryption software.

I have a few personal websites with Windows XP and Linux help/support for friends to reference.

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